What to do

Work through the steps below, remembering to take the relevant documents with you when you travel. To help with the introduction of this new system, you may find this ppt. presentation (1MB) helpful. Please also note the college has built a work flow guide for all aspects of travel that including bookings and expenses – see http://www.imperial.ac.uk/staff-travel-and-expenses/.


Select your destination from the two tabs below:

Travel Workflow

Travel outside the UK

1. Check Requirement for Health Clearance Complete -- return questionnaire if relevant.

2. Check travel advice.

3. Check if vaccinations or malaria prophylaxis required, see list of malarious areas -- if yes, inform all team members and arrange appointments with OH.

4. Check Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) country guidance.

5. If FCO or college insurer advises against all, or all but essential travel - to any part of the destination country -- download and complete an OWERP‌ and contact the College Insurance Manager and obtain approval from Head of Department. For example, special considerations must be given to countries where sanctions are in force – see STEP THREE below on Insurance matters.

Travel within the UK

1. Check requirement for health clearance -- complete and return questionnaire if relevant


Select your trip type, read guidance and complete the form

Fieldwork Guidance - Download the FW1 Form
Visit to Host Organisation Guidance  – Hosted1 Form (Dec 2015)
Visit to Scholarly Meeting or Conference Guidance  – Offsite Contact Record (Dec 2015)



Activate your overseas travel insurance. Download and print off your Travel Certificate 2019 (PDF 81.1KB) and take on your trip. All you need to do is insert your name.

Register with Drum Cussac, the insurer's Assistance Company (Registration required - using College email address) for travel security advice.  (Please follow instructions on the email which has a verification link taking you to a new page)

Countries with Sanctions!

Check if you will be travelling to a country or visiting a person to or in (Iran, Cuba, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, Russia or Crimea Region of Ukraine) where sanctions (PDF, 5.1MB) ‌ have been imposed by the UK, EU or the USA.  Insurance cover cannot be provided to these named countries without the completion of the questionnaire. If yes: Complete the Sanctions (WORD, 23.2KB) questionnaire and return to insurance@imperial.ac.uk. Further information on completing the sanctions questionnaire can be found in the LUPC Sanctions guidance (PDF 209KB). Then - Obtain approval from your Head of Department (check Faculty policy if applicable).

Other Countries to note:

Additionally due to limitations in policy cover if travelling to any of the following countries: Colombia, Iraq, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Venezuela or Yemen – make an early referral to the Insurance Manager, Lesley Bravery (+44) 020 7594 8666 at insurance@imperial.ac.uk.

Travel Insurance

  • Insurers - Royal Sun Alliance (RSA) for all business trips
  • Travel Assistance - Drum Cussac (Travel Security) and Healix (Medical Assistance and Travellers Helpline)
  • No cover for pure holidays
  • Limited cover for private travel dependent on number of business travel days - see Incidental travel (PDF, 91.5KB)
  • Useful information sources:

RSA Travel app for pre travel information as well as pre programmed access to insurers 24 hour helpline.  The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.  

 Emergency contact card (PDF, 25KB) (College log in required)

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) allows UK residents to receive free or reduced cost medical care when travelling or staying temporarily in an EU country or Switzerland. The card is valid for five years and covers medical care if you become ill or have an accident during your trip.  Also see Occupational Health's webpage Travel.


Go to the OSW sharepoint site and click on the “add new item” green cross to complete the notification of travel details with approval process as necessary and UPLOAD your approved form.


Ensure, before travelling, that you have emailed all PhD students under your supervision to inform them of who to contact in the event of an Emergency, stating that the current Post-Graduate Tutor can always be contacted as well in such circumstances.