Out-of-hours working 

When you work by yourself or outside normal working hours, risks involved in certain activities can change. For this reason, further risk assessments and risk mitigation processes may be required to keep any risk within acceptable limits. 

To ensure any risk from late working are correctly assessed and mitigated, anyone working outside the departmental working hours must complete a risk assessment and approval process:

ESE access times and out-of-hours permission  

Access times to ESE buildings, office spaces, lecture halls and general areas are between 7am and midnight.

Access to higher-risk areas of the department, such as laboratories and workshops, is between 7am to 7pm.

It is departmental policy that access outside these hours is avoided wherever possible. If you need to access the department outside the normal operating hours, you must apply for out-of-hours permission. 

The kinds of permission required are described below: 


Process for applying for out-of-hours access 

If you require out-of-hours access, you wil lneed to apply through the lone and late working portal or the out-of-hours portal depending on the access times required. Use the flow diagram below to determine which permissions are required. 

Any questions, please contact the Departmental Safety Officer (DSO).