Lone working

At times it may be necessary to work in the department by yourself (lone working). If this becomes necessary, it is important to consider any increased risks that may arise from lone activities. Risk assessments and departmental approval may be required when lone working results in significant increases in risk.

It is ESE policy that lone working should be avoided wherever possible.

Lone working FAQs

What is lone working?

Lone working is any activity in a room or space where no one else is present. The absence of work colleagues means that if you have an accident, there is nobody to help you or call for assistance. This increases the risk of the activity. Where necessary you need to complete a lone working risk assessment and request departmental lone working approval.

When do I need lone working permission?

Lone working permission is required when you perform an activity whose risk is significantly increased when working alone. Typically, these are activities performed in high-risk areas such as laboratories and workshops. Low-risk activities, such as administrative and office work, do not require lone working permission. If in doubt, contact your departmental safety officer (Simon Davis).

Do I need lone working permission during normal working hours?

YES. Lone working occurs at any time of the day or night.

How do I apply for lone working permission?

You can apply for permission by visiting the College's lone working information page.

Out-of-hours working 

Access times to ESE buildings, office spaces, lecture halls and general areas are between 7am and midnight. Access to higher-risk areas of the department, such as laboratories and workshops, is between 7am to 7pm.

It is departmental policy that access outside these hours is avoided wherever possible.

If you need to access the department outside the normal operating hours, you must apply for out-of-hours permission. 

Process for applying for out-of-hours access 

If you require out-of-hours access, you will need to apply through the out-of-hours portal. Use the flow diagram below to determine which permissions are required. Any questions, please contact the Departmental Safety Officer (DSO).


ESE access times and out-of-hours permission

ESE access times and out-of-hours permission

How long will approval take?

Approval is a manual process and may vary depending on the availability of the Head of Department (HoD) and the Departmental Safety Officer (DSO).  It is recommended that you apply for access at least five working days before it is required.

How will I know if my access has been approved?

You will receive an automated email confirming that you have the required late access permission.

Will my CID card access permissions be updated?

Once access has been approved, the card office will update your CID/security card. This will provide access to the College and, where necessary, laboratories and workshops.

Can I request group late access for multiple individuals?

Yes. Contact the DSO with details of the access required. Please ensure you apply at least five working days prior to the required access. The DSO will confirm once approval has been provided and the relevant CID card permissions have been updated.

How long will my late access permission be active?

All late access permissions allow 12 months of late access to the department. At the end of this period, you will need to re-apply. If you are unsure when your late access permission expires, contact the DSO.