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Research Fellowships

Research Fellowships

There are a number of fellowship opportunities for young scientists with a PhD:

EPSRC Fellowships
NERC Fellowships
Junior Research Fellowships (Imperial)
Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowships (Royal Society)
1851 Fellowships
Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships
Newton International Fellowships
Royal Academy Engineering Fellowships
Royal Society Research Fellowships
STFC Fellowships
ERC Starting Grants
ERC Consolidator Grants

The department offers assistance to those wishing to hold their fellowship at Imperial. However, you need to apply directly to the awarding body and  follow their documented procedures (see the links above) in order to be considered for a given fellowship. If you are interested in holding the fellowship in the Department of Earth Science and Engineering and would like help you with your application(s), please send a copy of your CV and answers to the four questions below.

  1) Is there a general or specific research area that you are interested in?

  2) Are there particular members of the department that you would like to work with?

  3) What is your Nationality (this affects your eligibility for some schemes)?

  4) Which fellowship schemes you intend to apply to?

We will circulate you information to the relevant members of academic staff who, if interested, will contact you to assist you with the application process. For those applicants invited for interview by the awarding body, we will offer pre-interview advice, including mock interviews and an audience to comment on presentations.

There are three broad research sections in ESE: 1) Earth and Planets, 2) Natural Resources Geoscience & Engineering,  3) Computational Geoscience & Engineering 

All early career Fellowship schemes require that candidates have a PhD and some favour candidates with a few years post-doctoral experience. All Fellowships are highly competitive, and successful candidates typically have evidence of academic excellence and a track record of independent research. Please remember to include any examples of excellence in your submitted cv, such as: a first class degree, prizes and awards for academic performance, support from well known academics, publications in high-impact journals and research grants.  These always help to improve fellowship applications.

Fellows are fixed funding departmental staff and in the department of Earth Science and Engineering you will be treated as a member of staff. For example, you will be invited to attend staff meetings, you will be eligible for departmental PhD bursaries, you will receive assistance in applying for your own research grants, and you will be assigned a line manager who will provide advice on career development. You will also be offered an opportunity to become involved in undergraduate or MSc teaching.  You will be thus expected to:

  • Be submitted to REF and must therefore have quality publications.
  • Be part of the staff community and so must devote part of time to make community contributions, such as interviews, open days, field trips, safety, meetings, etc.
  • Be independent (although collaborative) and must supervise students and raise funding.
  • Be part of the pool of teaching staff and so must devote some time to teaching.

Please note that a successful application typically take 3-4 months to prepare. Members of the department are unlikely to be able to assist you with applications that are prepared close to deadlines.

Potential fellowship applicants should contact us at:

Research Vacancies

The Department advertises vacancies for Research positions all year-round. To find information on current positions in the Department, and College, please click here.