Welcome to Mental Health Awareness in Earth Science & Engineering


Calm picture of reflective water and icebergsMental health during your studies and in the workplace

Your mental wellbeing should be important to you - whether you are an undergraduate student working hard towards your degree, a postgraduate student, or a member of staff - and it is important to the department. Healthy individuals have a better quality of life, perform better, and are more engaged in the Earth Science and Engineering community.

Everyone can at some point experience mental health challenges, either mild (stress, fatigue, insomnia) or more severe. According to the mental health charity Mind, at least 1 in 6 people are experiencing mental health problems in the workplace right now, including anxiety and depression.

Mental Health Within ESE: breaking the taboo

The department takes its duty of care very seriously, and strives to implement best practices when it comes to mental health by creating an environment conducive to discussion and positive support.

The mental health awareness team: Who we are and what we do

We have created a "Mental Health Awareness Team" as a step towards better mental well-being within the Department of Earth Science and Engineering. The group consists of individuals from within the department who have an interest in mental health, and who are supported by the head of department to implement best practice regarding mental health issues. The team's core mission is to coordinate mental health awareness practices within the department and aims to promote a supportive culture when it comes to mental health within ESE.

Members of the group are not counsellors, but are trained in mental health first aid; this means that they are able to talk to you about your mental health in a supportive way, and to signpost you to the relevant College services should you wish to make use of them. 


Where to go from here: internal and external resources about mental health

You can access the following resources of direct use to members of ESE:

In addition, Imperial College has collected a range of resources to support students and members of staff: