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Here our students share their thoughts about the Applied Computational Science and Engineering MSc...

Applied Computational Science & Engineering Students

What do you enjoy most about the course?
"The relevance and contemporariness of the curriculum" - Oliver

"The many different topics that we cover gives you a lot of options when looking for future jobs or research projects"  - Adanna

"The professors are really knowledgeable and friendly, and we are welcome to approach them to discuss the courses or research"  - Mingrui

"I enjoy the collaborative atmosphere, built up from the group projects and paired coursework. It has really enabled us to learn best practices in collaborative software development, as well as building productive working relationships and friendships" - Hugo

"The rolling assessments: it means I don’t have a steady build-up of stress towards the exam season.  - Richard

What course topic has been most interesting to you so far?

"Numerical methods – because it is fundamental to computational science" - Mingrui

"The Advanced Programming module allowed us to dive into learning the intricacies of the C++ programming language" - Hugo

"Applying Computational Science: Building genuinely cool software such as asteroid re-entry simulators, has been fun and rewarding as well as teaching key skills like software development workflow under time pressure" - Oliver

"The intensive group projects where the brief is given Monday morning and the hand-in is Friday afternoon. The topics are very interesting - modelling meteorite flight, smooth particles hydrodynamics or machine learning - and it teaches collaboration both with the group and with the shared github” - Deirdree

"Modern Programming Methods was interesting for learning what coding practices are used in research and industry” - Richard

The best moment is realising the connections between everything and slowly becoming a computational scientist/engineer"


Applied Computational Science and Engineering Student

 What has been most challenging about the course?

"The fast pace of the course. We are taught the basics of two coding languages, python and c++, and are then using them fluently for the other modules" - Deirdree

"The quantity and depth of the work and topics covered is very extensive, meaning that the course is intense" - Oliver

"I think the most challenging thing was the initial adjustment to both the increased workload and the shift in domain of study I found myself in - but it was made a whole lot easier with the supportive group of peers and teaching staff that we have" - Hugo

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