Alumni Perspectives on Metals and Energy Finance MSc

Shirley Tang, PhD student - Metals and Energy Finance MSc in 2016-2017
"I highly recommend the MSc Metals and Energy Finance course at Imperial College London. A unique opportunity to develop skills needed for evaluating mining /oil & gas projects both technically and economically as well as great faculty and resources."

Sidharth Talan, Deals Desk, Lead & Zinc Concentrates, Trafigura - Metals and Energy Finance MSc in 2018-2019
"It has been a fantastic learning experience pursuing the MSc in Metals and Energy Finance. It is an optimum blend of both technical and financial skills required to pursue careers related to metals and energy industry. Lot of skills grasped from this course are helping me immensely in my current job. People interested in a career in this industry should definitely consider this course as a platform."

Lachlan Hughson, Entrepreneur - Metals and Energy Finance MSc in 2009-2010
"I highly recommend the MSc Metals and Energy Finance course at Imperial College London.  Not only will it provide an unparalleled opportunity to develop and/or expand your framework in the mining and energy business, it will allow you to develop a range of contacts that will support you through the rest of your career. The blending of both the financial and technical aspects of the industry, along with the opportunity to integrate that knowledge through a dissertation, is a very unique way to develop a professional skill set most appropriate for you. With supportive professors and classmates, the 12 month investment of time is a great way to start or further your career in the global natural resources industry."

Yassine Belkabir, Managing Partner, ABM Consultants; Director of junior tsx-v listed company Stellar AfricaGold  Metals and Energy Finance MSc in 2008-2009
"I highly recommend this course as a gateway to value creation in the mining industry! Thank you Dennis for your continuous support since my graduation in 2009."

Dimitris Zomas, Analyst at CRU  Metals and Energy Finance MSc in 2016-2017 
"The MSc Metal and Energy Finance is the perfect course for someone who wants to pursue a career in the natural resources sector with a great variety of technical and financial subjects related to the mining and oil & gas industries. Dennis, the rest of the professors and of course a number of external attendees, offer a great classroom experience that is well structured and connected to the natural resources field. 

"I highly recommend the Metals and Energy Finance course without a second thought to individuals coming from a natural resources background or a business/economic one since the benefits are high in both cases."

Matthew Fogarty, Market Analyst at CMC - Metals and Energy Finance MSc in 2016-17
"I cannot recommend this course enough for anyone looking to pursue a career in Energy or Metals industry. With a unique blend of financial and technical modules, I still refer back to many of the skill taught in this course in my day-to-day job. The practical components of the course were also of great benefit for someone who spends most of their time analysing spreadsheets."

Dasha Shalashova, first BMO Scholar in Metals and Energy Finance, 2015-16

“It was one of those moments when the stars align and you think ‘this is what I’m meant to do’”

As the first recipient of the BMO Scholarship for Women in Metals and Energy Finance, Dasha Shalashova has found the peace of mind and experience she needs to take her career to the next level.

Dasha's Experience

Read more about Dasha's experience:

DashaDasha began her career in finance, but in recent years wanted to combine her finance background with her growing interest in mining and energy. When she came across Imperial’s MSc in Metals and Energy Finance, it seemed the perfect fit. Established in 2006, the Master’s course is a one year, full time programme jointly convened by the Department of Earth Science and Engineering and Imperial College Business School. The course combines study of financial analysis, strategic management and applied geology to give students a valuable understanding of the financial and strategic elements of metals and energy projects.

Dasha was awarded the BMO Scholarship in 2015 and is the first recipient of the award. The scholarship is sponsored by the Bank of Montreal’s Equity through Education Program, which aims to foster greater diversity in the finance industry and expand educational opportunities. This new award, developed with Imperial, is the first that the Bank has made outside of North America.

For Dasha, the stability that the scholarship offers is invaluable, allowing her to concentrate on her goal of becoming a commodities trader. “Being able to solely focus on studying and not worry about paying your rent is a great thing,” she says. “The scholarship really helps me make the most of my studies, which is the reason I am here.” The scholarship also enables Dasha to stay in London, where she has lived for many years. “It ticked two boxes for me. I was able to study at Imperial, one of the best universities in the UK, and I get to stay in London. That was important. All my family are in Russia, so to study elsewhere and lose my friends and connections would have been very difficult for me.”

Dasha has also had opportunities to learn directly from BMO staff, who she says have provided constant support throughout her studies. In February 2016 she was invited to attend BMO’s 25th Global Metals & Mining Conference in Florida, where she saw first-hand how the knowledge she is gaining in the classroom is applied in industry. “BMO have been great,” she says. “There has been so much support. The conference was an extra bonus; it really showed me what I can do with this degree.”

Bill Smith, Head of EMEA, BMO Financial Group said: “BMO is very proud to provide Imperial College London’s Scholarship for Women in Metals and Energy Finance. BMO is committed to supporting diversity in education, global financial services and the Natural Resources sector.”

“It all comes back to peace of mind” says Dasha. “Knowing I have financial security and access to an excellent education and career opportunities, all while living in London — it’s fantastic. It all comes together in this programme and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.