Committee 2023/2024

L-R, Daniel Pourabrisham, Rami Khouli, Nhoyidi Nsan, Sonia Liu, Mohammed A Mulhim, Akhil Toram



President: Nhoyidi Nsan 
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Nhoyidi serves as president of the Society of Petroleum Engineers at the Imperial College London student chapter, currently enrolled in the M.Sc. Geo-Energy with Machine Learning and Data Science course, he hopes to leverage the application of data science to the energy industry. He holds a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering from Covenant University Nigeria and an M.Sc. in Renewable Energy Engineering from the University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom. With previous experience with industry leaders TotalEnergies and Nigeria’s Petroleum Technology Development Fund, he is poised to make meaningful contributions to the energy industry and actively engages in the SPE community, recognizing it as a platform for professional growth, exposure, and networking opportunities. His dedication to merging academic knowledge with real-world experiences positions him as an aspiring leader in the ever-evolving landscape of the Energy Industry.



Vice President: Rami Khouli
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Rami Khouli, currently pursuing an MSc in Geo-Energy with Machine Learning and Data Science at Imperial College London, is driven by a passion for energy solutions and data-driven analysis. Coming from a background in petroleum engineering with degrees from Kuwait University, Rami's commitment to continuous learning led him to supplement his education with online courses in data science and machine learning. Eager to address global challenges like energy inequality and climate change, Rami chose Imperial for its excellence in these fields.

As an active member of the academic community, Rami serves as the Vice President of the Society of Petroleum Engineers at Imperial and is the class representative for the Geo-Energy with Machine Learning and Data Science program. He envisions a future career making meaningful contributions to clean energy initiatives, leveraging Imperial's education to innovate in sustainable energy solutions globally. His long-term goal is to apply these innovations in Syria and the Middle East, fostering regional development and energy independence through sustainable practices. Rami believes that in the face of a new era in energy, data science is the compass and innovation is the vessel guiding us toward a sustainable future.




Membership Officer: Sonia Liu 
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Sonia, hailing from China, is currently enrolled in the MSc Geo-energy with Machine Learning and Data Science program at Imperial College London, leveraging her background in earth science and geology. Beyond academia, Sonia is enthusiastic about hiking and photography. She is actively engaged in the academic community as the Membership Chairperson for SPE, where her responsibilities include guiding individuals through the membership application process, leading initiatives to boost engagement, recruitment, and retention, and aiding graduating students in transitioning to professional membership. In this role, Sonia elucidates the processes and advantages associated with professional membership, contributing to the smooth progression of individuals from academia to the professional sphere. Her commitment to this leadership role reflects both her dedication to the academic community and her interest in facilitating the growth and professional development of her peers.







Secretary: Akhil Veera Sai Toram
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A top-tier Petroleum Engineering graduate from JNTU Kakinada, currently pursuing an M.Sc. in GEMS at Imperial College London, Akhil boasts expertise honed at industry giants like Exxon Mobil, Halliburton, and TechnipFMC. Proven in Subsurface Engineering and Reservoir Surveillance, he has earned accolades, especially from EM. Akhil has been representing O&G professional bodies such as SPE and FIPI since his undergraduate studies. Recognized nationally by The Economic Times, he was listed as one of the Top 91 Engineers in India in their 'Campus Stars 2.0.' He combines technical acumen with leadership through initiative and ownership. He is poised for impactful contributions in the energy sector. 







Treasurer: Mohammed A Mulhem

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Mohammed Almulhem, currently the Treasurer Chairperson for the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) at Imperial College London, began his academic journey with a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from West Virginia University, USA. Presently, he is expanding his expertise through an MSc in Geo-Energy, specializing in Machine Learning and Data Science at Imperial College London.

With a notable seven-year experience at Saudi Aramco, Mohammed excelled as a Facility Lead Engineer, enriching not only his technical skills but also honing leadership and strategic thinking capabilities. Having been a dedicated member of SPE in Saudi Arabia, he actively volunteered in various events, fostering a deep appreciation for the community and the professional development opportunities it provides.

Now a key member of the Imperial College SPE team, Mohammed is eager to leverage his experiences and skills to contribute to the chapter's growth and success. He looks forward to collaborating with the dedicated team to organize enriching events and create valuable opportunities for members. His goal is to ensure the chapter remains a vibrant platform for learning, networking, and professional development. Mohammed's commitment reflects his dedication to enhancing the SPE community at Imperial College.




Communications Chairperson: Daniel Pourabrisham
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Daniel, currently the Communications and Outreach Chairperson at the SPE Imperial College Chapter, holds a BSc in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Houston and is pursuing an MSc in Geo-Energy with Machine Learning and Data Science at Imperial College London. With a professional background in Data Analytics, particularly in the drilling sector of the Oil and Gas industry, Daniel emphasizes the impact of his prior involvement with SPE on his professional development and career trajectory.

Expressing a readiness to give back, Daniel serves as a reliable liaison for all matters related to SPE. Leveraging his experience, he is excited to collaborate with the dedicated team to organize enriching events and provide valuable opportunities for the chapter. Recognizing the significance of engagement and participation from members, Daniel anticipates sharing these experiences and contributing to the success of the SPE Imperial College Chapter. His commitment reflects a desire to foster a vibrant and supportive community within the organization.