SPE 2020_21 CommitteeSPE Committee 2020/2021

Nihal DarrajPresident: Nihal Darraj
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Nihal Mounir is SPE ICL President. She has more than 6 years of experience in oil and gas production operations, drilling waste management, reservoir geomechanics, and petroleum engineering consulting.  Mounir is one of the founders and the first chair of the SPE Women in Energy Committee. She is also the chair elect of SPE Young Member Engagement Committee, and a committee member on SPE ATCE Technical committee. She previously held several SPE volunteer positions within the Young Professionals Committee in Egypt as well as a director on the SPE Egypt Section Board.

Alireza NahviVice President: Alireza Nahvi
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Alireza is the Vice President of the ICL SPE student chapter. He attained his bachelor’s degree from the University of Tehran, Iran with consecutive excellency in semesters. He majored in petroleum engineering, and now he is a Petroleum Engineering postgraduate student at Imperial College London. Alireza has experience in both industry and extracurricular activities. He believes that this set of committee members can provide the best to its members and continue the great path that previous team stepped in.

Aleksandr NovikovTreasurer and Finance Officer: Aleksandr Novikov
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My name is Aleksandr Novikov and I am a MSc Petroleum Engineering student from Russia. This academic year of 2020-2021 I will be a treasurer of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Imperial College Student Chapter.
My goal for this year is to be responsible for the society budget, including expenditures and raising funds for the activities.
I hope that with our diverse and active committee we will be able to involve our members in the interesting events of the petroleum industry.

Agathe RipollSocial Director: Agathe Ripoll
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As a dynamic geologist engineer, my SPE engagement as social director is an involvement to act for a new generation of energy professionals.


Aaditya BajajMembership Officer: Aaditya Bajaj
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Aaditya Bajaj is the Membership Officer for SPE ICL. He has a Chemical Engineering bachelor's degree from India and is currently pursuing Masters in Petroleum Engineering at Imperial College London. During his undergraduate studies, Aaditya has worked in more than five international teams as exchange participant in China, Serbia, Egypt and The Netherlands. He has served as a global volunteer for United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #7 - Affordable and Clean Energy. Aaditya has also completed the responsibilities as the Local Committee Vice President for People Management in AIESEC India. With his technical and managerial experience, and his academic aspirations he is specially interested in reducing the climate impact of the Oil and Gas industry, CCS, Politics and Economics of International Energy and the role of Petroleum Engineers in Energy Transition.

Dominik SemeniukSecretary and Digital Officer: Dominik Semeniuk
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Hi, my name is Dominik and I am excited to announce that I will be the Secretary and Digital Officer for SPE Imperial College student chapter for this school year. I come from a petroleum engineering background, and I hope to not only expand my own horizons of my knowledge of the petroleum industry, but also encourage others to so too, through the organisation of various events, talks and forums. Of course, as a team. Role-wise, I plan to make use of the various social media platforms our student chapter possesses to advertise our events, promote our society and be the first point of contact for this team.  Although this years’ SPE experience might be a bit unprecedented, as it would mostly be online and virtual, I am still looking forward to working with this diverse team and having a successful year for our ICL student chapter.

Raphael AndradeCommunications Officer: Raphael Andrade
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My name is Raphael Andrade and I am pleased to introduce myself as the SPE Imperial College Student Chapter’s Communications Officer on behalf of the MSc in Metals and Energy Finance Cohort 2020/2021. Prior to joining the MSc course in Metals and Energy Finance at Imperial College, I have obtained a BSc degree in Civil Engineering.
I decided to join the SPE Student Chapter’s Committee at Imperial College because I believe in the benefits of strong technical and practical expertise for any future professional in the Oil & Gas industry. Therefore, my aim is to contribute to the outreach of the SPE Imperial College Student Chapter to students with a diverse technical background to help them prepare for a potential career in the Oil & Gas sector through further involvement in the chapter’s many educational workshops, social events and field trips.

Fadi ElnelField Trip Coordinator: Fadi Elnel
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My  name  is  Fadi Elnel and I come from Sweden and Egypt. To begin with, I am in the pleasant position to serve as the Field Trip Coordinator within the SPE Imperial Chapter Committee of 2020-2021. My main goal at my current position is to provide a once in a lifetime experience to all the SPE members, who will join us in the International Field Trip, from choosing the perfect and most affordable location to familiarizing all of you with a real working environment. This will offer you the unique opportunity to meet professionals from the oil and gas industry and companies of the upstream sector.

Yerkin BalgaziyevField Trip Coordinator: Yerkin Balgaziyev
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Hi, my name is Yerkin Balgaziyev and I am a current MSc Petroleum Engineering student from Kazakhstan. My journey to SPE started in 2014, within that time I had various positions both in the student and professional section. From my experience, I can tell that SPE provides an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their technical knowledge and skills related to the energy sector. My aim as a committee member is to contribute to the development of our society, so everyone can benefit from our events.