SPE Committee 2019-20



SPE Committee 2019-20

President: Promise Ahante
MSc Course: Petroleum Engineering

Contact Promise 

Welcome to the SPE Imperial College Student Chapter! It is my immense pleasure to introduce our committee members for the 2019-2020 academic year. My name is Promise Ahante, President of SPE Imperial.

Prior to joining Imperial, I attained a bachelor’s in petroleum and Gas Engineering and worked as a Production Intern at Seplat Petroleum Development Company. I was opportune to serve as the Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, and President of the Society of Petroleum Engineers in successive years during my undergrad. I am enthusiastic and honoured to now be piloting the affairs of this chapter and would like to extend my profound gratitude to everyone involved with our activities including our members, advisors, and sponsors.

The Imperial College London Chapter will continue to drive the SPE’s Mission, by encouraging networking and collaboration, and promoting the sharing of Petroleum Industry-related knowledge amongst students through corporate visits, external lectures, careers forums and social events.

We are keen on achieving an eventful year to be climaxed by – the SPE Imperial International Fieldtrip which objectives are to collaborate with Oil & Gas companies in selected countries, visit world-leading research institutes, increase knowledge of different cultures and discover and learn about opportunities to contribute towards a greater energy output and fewer emissions. Previous destinations have included Egypt, Brazil, Malaysia, Iran, and the UAE.

If you have any suggestions or would like to get involved with the SPE Imperial Student Chapter, please get in touch with one of our committee members. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

 Adriel Vice President: Adriel Simorangkir

MSc Course: Petroleum Engineering
Contact Adriel

My name is Adriel Mesias Simorangkir. I'm Indonesian, a mechanical engineer by background, and currently studying MSc petroleum engineering at Imperial College London. I decided to join our SPE student chapter committee because I want to become involved in improving the learning experience of petroleum engineers in Imperial; from organising events and field trips to nurturing a culture of working together as we go work towards achieving this prestigious degree. I am proud to be elected as vice president, and I will be doing my best along with Promise and everyone in the committee to deliver for our chapter. Fun fact? I have 9 french bulldogs all named after food.

 Imtiaz Treasurer: Imtiaz Rafiq

MSc Course: Petroleum Engineering
Contact Imtiaz

Hi, my name is Imtiaz Ahmad Bin Mohamed Rafiq and I am a current MSc Petroleum Engineering student from Malaysia. My motivation for joining the SPE chapter this year is to create an inclusive, inexpensive and exciting environment for the exchange of technical knowledge and experience in the oil and gas industry. I hope that we can attract more people to join and use the opportunity to improve their technical and soft skills. Fun fact! I live within 5 minutes walking distance of Stamford Bridge.

 Karimah Web Officer: Karimah Sufian

MSc Course: Petroleum Geoscience
Contact Karimah

Hi, my name is Karimah Sufian and I am delighted to introduce myself as the web officer and the first petroleum geoscientist on the Society of Petroleum Engineers Imperial College Student Chapter for the 2019/2020 academic year.

I have a background in Geology having just graduated from my BSc Geology from Imperial College London and I am currently on the MSc course. I have previously obtained internships and roles within the Oil and energy sector. I am hoping to enter this exciting industry after graduating!

I aim to increase the outreach of the student chapter over the next year through involvement with other engineering courses at Imperil closely linked to the petroleum industry. Through your involvement in our events I hope for all four of our social media platforms to be busy all year round!


Social Secretary: Jennifer Adepoju
MSc Course: Petroleum Engineering
Contact Jennifer

 I am very impressed at how diverse and inclusive Imperial College is as a whole, the SPE Imperial College Student Chapter mirrors this feature therefore I have an opportunity to share my ideas, experiences, challenges and results with a professionally and culturally diverse group without feeling out of place. Being a result driven woman and having held positions in SPE in my undergraduate chapter, I believe I can contribute, even in the littlest of ways to the growth of SPE here at Imperial College. Fun Fact about you: I can’t dance to save my life but I dance either way

 Marios Field Trip Secretary: Marios Theodorakopoulos

MSc Course: Petroleum Engineering
Contact Marios

 Dear SPE members and friends, my name is Marios Theodorakopoulos and I come from Greece.

To begin with, I am in the pleasant position to serve as the Field Trip Coordinator within the SPE Imperial Chapter Committee of 2019-2020. My main goal at my current position is to provide a once in a lifetime experience to all the SPE members, who will join us in the International Field Trip, from choosing the perfect and most affordable location to familiarize all of you with a real working environment. This will offer you the unique opportunity to meet professionals from the oil and gas industry and companies of the upstream sector.

Prior to joining the Petroleum Engineering MSc at Imperial College London, I graduated from the School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens. I have gained precious working experience as an intern field engineer in Public Power Corporation S.A. Hellas and in Attiko Metro and I have served in the Greek Army as a trooper. My academic and professional experience stimulated my interest in the energy sector and that is the reason why I chose to become a petroleum engineer and get involved with SPE.

With both of my outgoing personality and my communication skills, my aim is to attract oil and gas companies, in order to raise funds for our SPE society and help all members to further broaden their networks. I commit myself to work hard and assist all of you on developing yourselves technically and be part of a new generation of engineers that fights for more efficient and environmentally friendly ways of producing energy, in order to secure an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future for our world.


Field Trip Secretary: Oliver Wang
MSc Course: Petroleum Engineering
Contact Oliver

It is of great honor to a part of SPE committee of 2019-2020 as a field trip coordinator. My primary purpose is to help student who is willing to explore petroleum industry to have a meaningful and safe oversea field trip. Also, playing a role in the committee will help me to take the responsibility and challenge myself as much as possible. As a student who wants to improve the English, SPE committee gives me a perfect platform to immerse in English environment completely.

Prior to my master study in Petroleum Engineering, my undergraduate background is Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering, which is more related to the midstream and downstream of petroleum industry. Continuing study in Petroleum Engineering can help me to understand the industry as a whole. I made a great effort in my undergraduate research program, which made me to publish a paper in Energy academic magazine as a corresponding author. Now in my master degree, I would more like to devote myself in the student work to build up different skills. Hopefully, my partner Marios and I, as coordinators, can help to improve the SPE student chapter so that more and more students will join us and benefit from SPE.



Membership Officer: Hassanain Himdan
MSc Course: Petroleum Engineering
Contact Hassanain

Hi my name is Hass and I am delighted to introduce myself as the Membership Officer of the SPE Imperial College Student Chapter for 2019/20. My responsibilities include increasing the engagement and participation of our members with the Society of Petroleum Engineers and to support collaboration with other SPE Student Chapters as well as energy societies within Imperial.

Prior to joining the Petroleum Engineering Masters, I undertook a bachelor's degree at Imperial studying Geophysics. I was previously a member of the AAPG and EAGE Student Chapters at Imperial, where I supported the committee as an Events Organiser and Publicity Officer. The skills that I gained through my contributions to both chapters boosted my ambition to be part of one of the biggest SPE chapters around the world.

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