President: Jordan Sawadogo  

On behalf of the SPE Imperial Student Committee, Welcome! We’re delighted to introduce the officers who represent the outstanding members behind Imperial’s longstanding Chapter. My name is Jordan Sawadogo and I am the Student Chapter President and a Petroleum Engineering MSc student at Imperial.

SPE Student Committee President

Prior to Imperial, I worked as a wireline field engineer for Schlumberger across West and Central Africa. Working with professionals from diverse walks of industry and academic life on challenging projects taught me several key values to success: open exchange of technical knowledge, collaboration across disciplines and between industry and academia, and acquiring a global and adaptive mindset

These values are at the core of SPE and as Chapter President, my primary responsibility is to help our Chapter leverage these values to prepare classmates for (re) entering the Oil and Energy Industry.

To accomplish this mission, our Chapter builds upon postgraduate coursework through technical events that augment professional skills and industry knowledge and social events that encourage networking and relationships with the Oil and Energy community, while also having a bit of fun.

And at the end of the year, we combine the technical and social missions into our hallmark event – the International Field Trip! During the trip, students visit world class research centers, explore new cultures and tour operating fields. Recent trips include Japan, Malaysia, Iran and we are equally excited to plan this year’s field trip!

Finally, I would like to thank all those involved with our Chapter for their continued support and encourage those who would like to get involved to reach out to any one of our officers with any questions or opportunities for collaboration.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Vice-President: Elfarog Gibril 

I am absolutely delighted to be elected as the Vice President of the Society of Petroleum Engineers for this year. The current slump in oil prices differs considerably to the previous cycles, mainly due to the surge of the technology of Fracking. This means the era of easy oil extraction is fading and it will become harder than ever to produce the black gold.

ElfarogGibrilIn addition to assisting the President in overseeing the progress of the society, my role as Vice President will be to link students with industry through a series of technical events delivered by industry leaders such as lectures, workshops, Q&A sessions ...etc. These events would work towards addressing students' concerns, enable them to develop necessary skills as well as keeping them up to date with the current challenges the industry encounters. This will give students the awareness and opportunity to better address such challenges when pursuing their final theses; the ideal preparation before commencing on their career paths.

I spent more than three years at the University of Khartoum in Sudan prior to joining University College London (UCL), where I obtained my BEng degree in Civil Engineering last summer.

Outside of academia, I volunteer as a first aider at St. John's Ambulance as my main extra - curricular activity.
If you need to know more about the society, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the committee (

Treasurer: Siddig Elhafyan

It is my pleasure to be the treasurer for the SPE student chapter in 2016-2017. My responsibilities include keeping financial records of the student chapter, helping with chapter events and help with budgeting for the year.

SiddigElhafyanPrior to my Msc course, I was a petroleum engineering student at Texas A&M University’s Qatar campus, and I was involved with SPE for the four years that I was there. In my last year, I was the president of the chapter, which helped me decide to be involved with SPE here at Imperial. I decided to continue my involvement with SPE due to the chance to network, meet new people and be involved in a team which tries to achieve a common positive goal.

I am originally from Sudan and grew up in Oman, Qatar and UAE. These countries are all involved heavily with the oil and gas industry, and I believe that this was part of the reason why I decided to study petroleum engineering and be involved in an industry that is crucial for humans to exist and evolve. I believe that the oil and gas industry will continue to prevail the energy market despite the current low oil prices, and being part of such a crucial market is something which excites me to excel in my studies.

Feel free to contact me at for ideas, comments or feedback.

Social Secretary: Shuang Tang

ShuangTangIt is my great honor to be the Social Secretary and Web Officer of SPE. My role involves: plan and execute social activities throughout year, research and analyze the development situation of oilfields in Asia Pacific for the International Field Trip, maintains SPE webpage, notifies SPE London Section of significant events in the chapter for publication on the SPE website and maintains SPE forms necessary for the operation of the chapter.

I thrived during my study of Petroleum Engineering on 3 continents, including
• Imperial College in Europe: MSc in Petroleum Engineering (Currently);
• Curtin University in Australia: Exchange students, did research on Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR);
• China University of Petroleum in Asia: BSc in Petroleum Engineering & Research Assistant at State Key Heavy-oil Laboratory, did research on Evaluating Performance of Several Agents for Water-Lock Prevention Treatment and Establishing Industry Criteria.

I believe through the SPE experience at Imperial College, I will not only enrich my management skills, problem solving skills and academic knowledge but also achieve self-actualization and make life-long friends.
Feel free to contact me on:

Field Trip Coordinator: Yamen Hussan 

YamenHussanIt is a great pleasure for me to be elected as the Field Trip Coordinator of the Society of Petroleum Engineers for this year. With the industry entering the unconventional era, I feel it is my responsibility to develop unique ways to ensure that our society delivers a great, convenient and cheap overseas field trip for this year.

I will ensure I deliver excellent work through any mission that will make this year’s society stand out of the crowd. With this being said, I am aiming to liaise with my team members in order to be the 1st society to depend on entrepreneurial activities, as an additional source of income to cover the trip costs.

In terms of academic qualifications, I hold a BEng degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Southampton. I have been exposed to the industry at a young age, however my most relevant qualification was my Pipelining internship in the UAE. Flow analysis, piping methods and material choice, are all aspects that I am quite familiar with.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email:

Chairperson: Tarik M. A. Saif

Tarik As Chairperson of the SPE Imperial College Chapter, I have the critical role in overseeing the management of the society and providing advice and guidance to the committee on direction and strategy.

In addition, I am responsible for coordinating and consulting on exchange programs between the SPE Chapter and the Oil and Gas industry, as well as academic institutions with the vision of building strong, long-lasting partnerships. Moreover, I have the pivotal role in ensuring the crucial continuity in strategy and operations of the society over the coming years.

My PhD research focuses on the pore-scale analysis of unconventional oil and gas under the supervision of Professor Martin Blunt and Dr Branko Bijeljic.

In particular, I am concentrating on the pore-scale analysis of oil shale thermal decomposition to better understand the dynamics of the subsequent two-phase flow and physico-chemical mechanisms that govern the process with an emphasis on recognising changes in pore structure and fluid distribution.

My work is sponsored by the Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial and the SPE Star Fellowship program (North Sea Region).

Prior to joining Imperial, I studied Petroleum Engineering (MSc) at Heriot-Watt University and completed my undergraduate MEng degree with honours in Materials Engineering, Economics and Management from the University of Oxford, St. Catherine’s College.

With current experience at Schlumberger, I hope to be amongst a new generation of young talent that will help meet the increasing energy demands of the future.

PhD Technical Exchange Officer: Hayley Meek

SPE PhD Technical Officer  - Hayley Meek

Having successfully survived the incredibly rewarding experience of being last year’s SPE President, I am delighted to be continuing my involvement in the Chapter as the new PhD Technical Exchange Officer.

Prior to my MSc in Petroleum Engineering, I was an undergraduate here in the department where I studied an MSci in Geophysics. This degree nurtured my interest for geoscience and engineering. Having been an active member of the SPE throughout my degree, I personally understand the importance that networking and collaboration between industry and academia has in shaping your future career.

My role therefore involves developing and coordinating collaborations with both professional and academic institutions, as well as continuing our strong partnerships with the global Oil and Gas industry. We are therefore very passionate about establishing a strong network for the continued integration and exchange between our students and the wider SPE community and I am excited to continue this great work!

I am currently studying a PhD in Petroleum Engineering under the new Shell Research Programme on Digital Rocks. The emphasis of my research is on imaging rocks at the pore-scale using x-rays in order to design and predict multi-phase flow behaviour in porous rocks. 

On behalf of the Imperial College SPE Student Chapter, I would like to personally thank all those for their continued support to our Chapter and share a warm welcome to all those who wish to get involved.

Please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Membership Officer: Oluwakemi Olofinnika

OluwakemiOlofinnika  My role as Membership officer involves managing, expanding and maximizing member participation in the society. My job also involves integrating sister through collective social and lecturing events. I intend to do this by working closely with the social secretaries of these societies, elaborating the benefits of the society to potential members. I also support other committee members in coordinating events and planning the International field trip.

My academic background is in Petroleum engineering and I currently hold a BSc degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Kindly contact me on if you have any questions as regards the SPE Imperial College Student Chapter.