Students in ESE

Support for your studies in Earth Science.

The Department of Earth Science and Engineering (ESE) offers support to students to study at Imperial College London. To remove financial barriers to higher education we offer a financial support scheme and we support the College in widening access and participation by encouraging applications from underrepresented groups of students.    
If you are from a disadvantaged or underrepresented background, we want to ensure that you will not be disadvantaged in the application or selection process when you apply to ESE. If you fulfil College criteria, you will automatically be highlighted to our admissions team and need not do anything further in order to be guaranteed an interview with us.

Admissions schemes

Financial support 

Imperial College London offers bursaries and scholarships and provides a scholarships search tool. There is a lot of financial support available to help you while you're studying, across all degree programmes. Find out what support you may be eligible for, including:

ESE Undergraduate Financial Bursary - £2000 per year to support you while you study

The Department offers a Financial Bursary for undergraduate students identified as being from a Widening Participation background. The bursary provides £2000 per year of study for the programme duration to students that a) have selected ESE as a firm choice; b) meet the conditions outlined in their offer; and c) continue to meet the minimum requirements of their degree. If you are eligible for the bursary, we will contact you at offer stage to inform you and provide further details of eligibility and how to receive this financial support. For more information on this bursary, contact


The Presidential Scholarships for BAME Students...

...which provide a package of financial and mentoring support for students applying for undergraduate study.

The Presidential Scholarships for BAME Students

The Imperial Bursary for Home students...

...worth up to £5,000 per year. The Imperial Bursary is paid on top of any government funding you're eligible for and is money you never have to pay back. You could receive up to £5,000 per year depending on your household income, and you can qualify for a bursary every year if your household income remains below £60,000;

The Imperial Bursary

The President’s Scholarships...

...designed to reward students of any nationality who demonstrate the highest academic excellence and potential.

The President's Scholarships


Admissions schemes

We offer a guaranteed interview to all applicants who meet the College's widening participation in higher education criteria and have the potential to meet the minimum entry requirements for the course. We also pay the travel costs of eligible students to come to interview if they wish to visit in person. If you are eligible it will be drawn to our attention at the point of application.

See more about Imperial's Admissions schemes.

Student Callers Scheme

For offer holders to find out more about what it’s really like studying in ESE, we offer a student callers scheme.

In this scheme, we arrange for current students studying Geology, Geophysics or Earth and Planetary Science to speak to offer holders who want to know more.

Welfare and support

Undergraduate students in our Department are supported by a robust wellbeing network.

welfare and support

Personal Tutor

Each student is assigned a personal tutor who acts as your first point of contact for pastoral support and advice. Your personal tutor is an academic from the department who will support you with personal, general academic, and professional development. 


All first-year students will be assigned two mentors. These are current fourth-year students who can help you with the transition to university-style learning, and with any other general questions.

welfare and support 2

Departmental Disability Officer (DDO)

The first point of contact for questions and issues around disability, long term health, or learning differences. Our DDO will be able to facilitate learning and assessment support, and liaises with the Disability Advisory Service.

Student Wellbeing Adviser

Supports students in their mental and emotional health and wellbeing in the Department, and provides a safe, quiet, non-judgemental space to discuss your wellbeing if needed.  

Alongside this, College offers a range of student wellbeing resources. 


Course costs

Financial support is available to help students who may face barriers to pay for their studies. ESE pays for all taught coursework (transport, accommodation) and provides basic field equipment at no cost (compass clinometer, hammer, hand lens, field notebooks). Find out more about course costs on the ESE course pages.