The Department undertakes world-leading research across the full spectrum of Earth Science and Earth Engineering.  In the most recent assessment of our research (the 2014 Research Excellence Framework), 46% of the Department’s research (in a joint submission with Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics) was rated ‘World Leading’ and 89% was rated ‘Internationally Significant’.  The Department undertakes both pure and applied research, often in collaboration with industry partners from the mineral and petroleum sectors. Our research has a direct impact on the science and engineering of the Earth and its resources.

A key strength of the department’s research is its inter-disciplinary nature; we are one of the only departments in the world that combines Earth science and engineering.  Our research is organized into 3 broad Research Themes that cover Earth and Planetary Science, Petroleum Science and Engineering, and Computational Geoscience and Engineering.  Within and across these sections our research is organized into a number of smaller and more focused Research Groups.  We also participate in a number of cross-disciplinary and cross-departmental Research Centres, such as the Grantham Institute, the Energy Futures Lab and the Sustainable Gas Institute.