Preface phone numbers by 020 759 (national) or +44 20 759 (international).

Research Staff

A - H

Name, Research area, Phone/Office, Email

Agrawal, Harshit, Research Assistant in Mineral, Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Group, Email Harshit Agrawal

Allen, Mr Robert William, Research Assistant with Professor Jenny Collier, Email Robert Allen

Avdis, Dr Alexandros, Research Associate in Ocean and Coastal Modelling, 4.89, Email Alexandrose Avdis

Banham, Dr Steve, Research Associate in Earth and Martian Sedimentology, Email Steve Banham

Barnes, Dr Robert, Research Associate, Geological input for Planetary Robotic Data Exploitation, Email Robert Barnes

Bird, Robert, Research Assistant with Prof. Robert Zimmerman and Dr Adriana Paluszny-Rodriguez, Email Robert Bird

Blumemfeld, Dr Raphael, Research Fellow with Professor Peter King, Email Raphael Blumenfeld

Boldrin, Dr Paul, Reseach Associate Sustainable Development in Energy,  49695/3.50, Email Paul Boldrin

Burtonshaw, James – Research Assistant with Professor Robert Zimmerman, Email James Burtonshaw

Cai, Dr Wu, Research Associate, Microseismic Monitoring and Mining Engineering, Email Wu Cai

Calderon Agudo, Dr Oscar, Research Associate, Full Waveform Inversion Techniques, Email Oscar Calderon Agudo

Cao, Dr Wenzhuo, Research Associate, Email Wenzhuo Cao

Charemis, Dimitrios, Research Assistant with Prof. Robert Zimmerman and Dr Adriana Paluszny-Rodriguez, Email Dimitrios Charemis

Cowan, Miss Alison Anne, Research Assistant with Dr Adrian Muxworthy, Email Alison Cowan

Dargaville, Dr Steven, Research Associate, Computational Physics, 42665 / 4.95, Email Steven Dargaville

Davison, Dr Thomas, Research Fellow, Planetary Science, 42019 /4.94, Email Thomas Davison

Davy, Richard G, Research Associate, Email Richard Davy

Dyshlyuk, Dr Evgeny, Research Associate, Plasma Physics, Email Dyshlyuk, Evgeny

Farsi, Dr Ado, Research Associate in Applied Modelling and Computational Sciences,  - / 4.94, Email Ado Farsi

Foroughi, Dr Sajjad, Research Associate in the Digital Rock Program,  - 440/32, Email Sajjad Foroughi

Gago, Dr Paula, Research Associate in Fluid Transport, Email Paula A. Gago

Giarola, Dr Sara, BG Fellow in Sustainable Gas, 537 Chemistry, Email Sara Giarola

Guasch, Dr Lluis, Research Fellow, Email Lluis Guasch Batalla

Heaney, Dr Claire, Research Associate in the EPSRC MUFFINS Project, Email Claire Heaney

Hicks, Dr Stephen, Research Associate in Seismic and Plate Tectonics, Email Stephen Hicks

Hu, Dr Haiyang, Research Associate, Electrical Engineering, Email Haiyang Hu

I - Q

Name, Research area, Phone/Office, Email

Kramer, Dr Stephan , Research Fellow in Applied Modelling and Computation, 45725/ 4.89, Email Stephan Kramer

Kukreja, Navjot, Research Assistant in Applied Computational Science, Email Navjot Kukreja

Lin, Dr Qingyang, Research Associate, Email Qingyang Lin

Lodhia, Dr Bhavik, Research Associate, Email Bhavik Lodhia

Manoorkrak, Dr Sojwal, Research Assocaite in Fluid Dynamics and CO2 Storage, Email Sojwal Manoorkrak

Mesa Pena, Mr Diego Alonso, Research Assistant, Email Diego Mesa Pena

Milanez Fernandes, Victoria, Research Associate with Dr Gareth Roberts , Email Victoria Milanez Fernandes

Moore, Rebekah, Reseach Associate with Professor Mark Rehkamper, Email Rebekah Moore

Mottet, Dr Laetitia, Research Associate, Email Laetitia Mottet

Nangoo, Dr Tenice, Advanced Research Fellow, Petroleum Geophysics applications with Professor Mike Warner, Email Tenice Nangoo

Nelson, Dr Rhodri Burnett, Research Associate, Email Rhodri Nelson

Nichols, Keir – Research Assistant with Dr Dylan Rood, Email Keir Nichols

Nie, Dr Zhengang, Research Fellow, Environmental Engineering, 47369/ 4.87, Email Zhengang Nie

Obeysekara, Dr Asiri Indika, Research Associate, Email Asiri Obeysekara

Ogden, Chris, Geophysics Research Associate,  47137/2.49, Email Christopher Ogden

O’Malley, Conor, Geology, Geomorphology, Palaeobiology, Email Conor O'Malley

Ouyang, Dr Mengzheng, Research Associate,  Email Mengzheng Ouyang

Paulatto, Dr Michele, Research Fellow, Marine and Volcano Geophysics, Email Michele Paulatto

Pino-Munoz, Dr Catalina Alejandra, Research Associate, Email Catalina Pino-Munoz

R - Z

Name, Research area, Phone/Office, Email

Rasera, Mr Joshua Nicholas, Research Assistant, Email Joshua Rasera

Richards, Dr. Frederick,  Research Fellow,  47402/2.54, Email Frederick Richards

Royle, Dr Samuel, Research Associate, Email Samuel Royle

Salinas, Dr Pablo, Computational Physics, 42665 / 4.95, Email Pablo Salinas

Salter, Dr Tara La Roche, Research Associate, Email Tara Salter

Shi, Dr Ji-Quan, Research Fellow, Clean Energy & CO2 Storage Technologies, 47374/ 4.86, Email Ji-Quan Shi

Shojaei, Dr Mohammad Javad, Research Associate with Professor Martin Blunt and Dr Branko Bijeljic, Email Mohammad Javad Shojaei

Shokri-Kuehni, Dr Salome (Sally), Research Associate, Email Sally Shokri-Kuehni

Thomas Robins, Software Developer with Dr Lluis Guasch

Wallwork, Joe – Research Assistant with Professor Matthew Piggott, Email Joe Wallwork

Warder, Dr Simon, Research Associate with Professor Matthew Piggott, Email Simon Warder

Wood, Dr Charles Edwin, Research Associate, Email Charles Wood

Wu, Dr. Xiaofeu, Research Associate with Professor Chris Pain

Xiang, Dr Jiansheng, Research Fellow, Computational Physics, 46534/ 3.50, Email Jiansheng Xiang

Yao, Dr Jiashun, Research Associate, Email Jiashun Yao

Yuan, Mr Xuehao, Research Assistant, Email Xuehao Yuan

Zhang, Guanglei – Research Associate with Professor Martin Blunt, Email Guanglei Zhang

Zhang, Dr Yihuai, Research Associate, Email Yihuai Zhang

Zhang, Mr Yu, Research Assistant, Email Yu Zhang