Dr Mike Mayall

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Dr Mike Mayall
Visiting Professor

External collaborators

Dr Steve Dee (BP); Professor Juan Soto (Granada University); Dr Martyn Stoker (BGS).

Past members

Professor Joe Cartwright (Univ. of Oxford)
Dr Bruce Trudgill (Colorado School of Mines)
Dr Dave Dewhurst (Post Doc; now at CISRO)
Dr Richard Jolly (Post Doc; now at BP)
Dr Richard Evans (Post Doc)
Dr Yane Laursen (Post Doc)
Chris Mansfield (PhD 1996; now at Shell)
Jon Clemson (PhD 1997; now at Hess)
Pui Leng Tay (PhD 1999; now at Shell)
James Clarke (PhD 2000 ; now at Hess)
Barny Philps (2001; now at BG)
Steve Molyneux (PhD 2001; now at PanCanadian)
Dustin Lister (PhD 2001; now at Schlumberger)
Nick Lee (PhD 2001; now at bg)
Renaud Bouroullec (PhD; 2002 now at Bureau of Economic Geology, Texas)
Jorge Acosta (PhD 2002; Ingeomin as Colombia)
Andrew Bowman (PhD 2003; now at BP)
Susannah Maidment (Msci 2003; now at Natural History Museum)
Jenny Morris (PhD 2005; now at Statoil)
David Dutton (PhD 2005; now at BG)
Karla Kane-Normal faulting and sedimentation North Sea (PhD 2005; Statoil Hydro)
Wendy Morris- Salt basins N. Sea and Utah (PhD 2007; BP)
Ali Graham- icestreams in North Sea (PhD 2007; British Antarctic Survey)
Ulrike Freitag- Growth faulting Colombus basin (PhD 2008; StatoilHydro)
Kerry Bushe- Faulting and Inversion in the English Channel (PhD 2008)
Margaret Stewart- Tunnel valleys North Sea (PhD 2009; Neftex)

Andrew McAndrew- Synrift unconformities, North Sea (PhD 2010)
Paul Whipp- Fault Propagation folding in Extensional settings (PhD 2011)
Abdullah Zakahria- Sedimentology of Tertiary Deep water Sandstones in NW Sabah
Faisal Al-Quatani - Fluivial systems in the Malay Basin (PhD 2011; King Abdul Azziz University; Saudi Arabia)
Pedro Martinez-Garcia (Visiting PhD student from Granada University)