Micro-CT images  of sandstone and carbonate rocks (2015): download all

Bentheimer sandstone

 1000 cube  3.0035 μm

Doddington sandstone

  1000 cube 2.6929  μm

Estaillades carbonate

 1000 cube 3.31136 μm

Ketton carbonate

  1000 cube 3.00006  μm
Summary of the table's contents

For each image a mhd header  (.mhd) file is provided which contain the image information such as size and resolution. To visualise the image you can open the .mhd file in Paraview or Fiji-is-ImageJ.  The .mhd also serves as the default input format for our direct flow simulation and network extraction codes.

The Doddington sandstone and Estaillades and Ketton carbonate images were obtained using micro-CT scanning facilities at Imperial College London. The Bentheimer sandstone image is provided by iRock Technologies.  The images are segmented using a watershed segmentation algorithm using Avizo image processing software; see Andrew (2004) PhD thesis for the technical details. A summary of the image statistics and single-phase flow properties are presented in Raeini  et al (2017).   The Bentheimer, Doddington and Estaillades images have been further analysed by Bijeljic et al. (2013) and Alhashmi et al. (2016), for studying transport and chemical reaction.

Velocity and pressure fields for single-phase incompressible flow from the solution of Navier-Stokes equations are available for all of these images. If you want a copy or for any other query,  please contact Branko Bijeljic.

Micro CT images of sandstones, carbonates, sand-packs, synthetic silica and their extracted networks (2007): download all

 Please see Dong (2007) PhD thesis for the technical details of these images.

Additional images used in our studies and published results