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Whether you're starting here on campus, on joining us online, we're looking forward to meeting you this autumn!

Meet our Department's Education Team — we'll be keeping this space updated with everything you need to start your studies in EEE with confidence.

 We have created a 2021 UG Student Handbook for you as a reference guide. 

Useful information for new students

Teaching in Autumn 2021

Students connected onlineWe'll be delivering our teaching in EEE as a combination of in-person and remote activity we call multi-mode.

Find out how your first year modules will be taught.

Mathematics summer revision

We have a voluntary summer revision course in Mathematics set up for you. Students have had their learning disrupted in many ways since February 2020: this course will be of benefit to everyone who participates. Statistics back this up: students who participated last year did much better, on average, in the January Maths exam, than those who didn’t.

EEE Undergraduate Summer Maths Revision 2021 (pdf) 

 Here’s a summary:

1) Go through the exercises, increasing in difficulty, until you find some that require effort.

2) Enrol for free in the online course on edX, and start at the point where you found you needed this extra effort.

3) Watch the videos, do the extensions and challenges, do the exercises you found difficult, get them marked, see the solutions, watch solution videos.

From mid-August, enrolled students can access an online Q&A platform, and in September there will be four weekly sessions with Dr DN and Teaching Assistants