Pump priming initiatives aim to generate new capabilities and understanding at the College, supporting Affiliates in bringing together expertise across faculties and departments, together with external stakeholders, to develop novel, interdisciplinary research ideas.


working togetherApplications are currently closed
This was a pump priming award of around £55,000, for a 12-month project on one of the following topics:

  • How can we make sure we leave our natural systems in a better state in the future than they are today? How would we measure those improvements? The scope of this type of research can be in any type of ecosystem, or can be taken from a broader perspective.
  • How can we better understand tipping points in the Earth system? Research can tackle individual Earth system components or a broader set, and range from increasing our understanding of the physical system to their implications for society.
  • How can application and adoption of novel technologies, policies and behaviours be fostered in the context of a steep reduction towards net zero?

 Funds will only be available for direct costs associated with staff time, consumables or travel. 


It is expected that teams being funded will submit a substantial bid for external funding within 12 months of this support being awarded. This should enable the area of research to be established beyond the initial support from the Institute. Successful applicants are also expected to produce a clearly designed plan for further developing the area of research, and for appropriate stakeholder engagement and research translation.

How to apply

Applications closed on 5 March 2021.