DMT Exhibition

In their third year of study, undergraduate students in Mechanical Engineering apply their creativity, innovation, knowledge and practical skills to a Design, Make and Test project.

The projects represent 33% of third year assessment; students work in groups of 4-5, supervised by academics from our department. The teams can choose their design briefs from a list a suggested projects (usually related to the research of their respective supervisors), or they can propose their own, if they have an idea they wish to develop.  

At the end of the academic year, their work is displayed in a public exhibition. Read more about some of the projects from 2019: 

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Here are a few examples of projects from June 2018: 

Design projects

And here are a few projects from the June 2017 exhibition: 

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Aakeen Parikh

I just love the creative aspect of it, we have the workshop, we can just go in there, get a screwdriver, build something, and it works... sometimes, and other times it doesn't work! But you get involved in the process of making something, and you can't just rely on theoretical knowledge, you have to work it out. I also really like the fact that engineers can just say, right, how do we solve this problem? I don't like sitting around, and thinking about problems. Got a problem? How do I solve it? Let's see what happens."

Aakeen Parikh

Third year Mechanical Engineering student, 2017