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The NHLI Postdoc and Fellows Committee

The NHLI Postdoc and Fellows Committee is chaired by the Institute Lead for Postdocs Professor Miriam Moffatt ( The committee meets every term to discuss issues affecting postdocs and reports to the NHLI Management and Strategy Meeting. Please see the full list of Postdoc Committee members.

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Academic probation at NHLI

All new academic staff in lecturer and clinical senior lecturer posts at NHLI have a three year probation period to prove their abilities as an academic staff member and need to pass their probation before having their appointment in post confirmed. Each new academic on probation has annual interim probation review meetings with their manager, their academic adviser and – if clinical – a clinical representative from the relevant NHS Trust.

The purpose of the probation period is for NHLI and the College to support the new academic’s performance by agreeing targets, training and planning. The interim probation review meetings are an excellent opportunity to discuss progress, review targets, and talk about any potential issues the new academic might be facing.

For more information on academic probation, please contact the NHLI Career Development Coordinator Jacyra Da Silva Baptista (

You may also want to have a look at the College's Probation Periods webpage.

Academic promotions

The academic promotions round at Imperial College takes place annually.

Please note that this process does not cover appointment to Non-Clinical Lecturer or Clinical Senior Lecturer. Only staff members already holding an academic appointment are eligible to apply.

All applications for promotion go through a three-stage review – the NHLI panel, the Faculty of Medicine panel and the College panel. The College panel then invites selected candidates for interviews. The NHLI panel normally meets in late autumn and the final promotion interviews take place in late spring of the following year.

In line with Athena SWAN principles, the NHLI Academic Promotions Panel now considers all academics (who are eligible for promotion) in the department and may encourage some staff members to put themselves forward for promotion. This new policy was put in place recently in light of the finding that female academics tend to put themselves forward for promotion less often compared to their male colleagues, regardless of their chances to be successful.

The next NHLI deadline for applications is in autumn 2023 – the exact date is yet to be confirmed.

Any staff wishing to apply for a promotion should in the first instance discuss this with their manager.

More information on the process and requirements can be found on the College  pages. If you have any questions, please contact NHLI Institute Admin (

You may also wish to have a look at the College's Academic Promotions webpage as well as the support that can be provided by NHLI's Academic Promotion Champions.