NHLI committees

The NHLI Executive Meeting is chaired by the Head of Institute and meets ten times a year to discuss current issues affecting the Institute, such as strategy, performance and education.

Please contact Ms Dawn Burby d.burby@imperial.ac.uk for more information.

The NHLI Health and Safety Committee – chaired by Dr Andrew Cowburn – reports to the NHLI Executive Committee and meets termly to discuss health and safety issues. The committee members include academics and technical staff from all NHLI divisions. Please see the full membership list on NHLI's health and safety webpages.

For more information please contact Dr Andrew Cowburn a.cowburn@imperial.ac.uk.

The NHLI Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee is chaired by our Co-Leads for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Simone Walker and Dr Beata Wojciak-Stothard. They report to the NHLI Executive Committee on all EDI issues related to the Institute. The EDI Committee meets approximately every two months to discuss equality issues, including the implementation of the NHLI Athena SWAN Action Plan and the development of new Athena initiatives. 

For more information please contact Jacyra Da Silva Baptista

The NHLI Education Committee is chaired by the NHLI Director of Education Professor Louise Donnelly and meets termly. The committee reports to the NHLI Executive Committee on undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses and students.

The committee is composed of:

  • Director of Education (Chair)
  • Deputy Director of Education
  • Head of the Institute
  • Education Manager
  • Education Co-ordinator
  • PGT programme directors and any (senior) teaching fellows
  • PGT Education Administrators
  • BSc Programme Directors and any (senior) teaching fellows
  • BSc Education Administrators

Please contact Professor Louise Donnelly l.donnelly@imperial.ac.uk for more information.

The Higher Degrees Research Committee is chaired by the NHLI Director of Postgraduate Studies Professor Michael Lovett and meets termly. The committee reports to the NHLI Executive Committee on all issues relating to the Institute’s postgraduate research students.

The committee is composed of:

  • The Director of Postgraduate Research Studies (DPS) (Chair)
  • The Deputy DPS
  • MRes Course Director / Stream Leaders
  • NHLI Postgraduate Tutors
  • A representative from each Section within the Institute
  • A representative from the PGR Student Committee
  • Postgraduate Research Education Administrator

For more information please contact Professor Michael Lovett m.lovett@imperial.ac.uk.

The NHLI Research and Fellowships Committee will be responsible for development and delivery of the Department’s research strategy, as aligned with the Faculty of Medicine and College strategies, and to support grant and fellowship proposals within the Department.  

Membership of the NHLI Research Committee will be as below:  

  • NHLI Research Lead (chair)   
  • NHLI Open Research Champion (if not otherwise represented)  
  • A nominated representative from each section  
  • Centre directors and BRC theme leads invited as required  
  • NHLI Research Manager (secretary)  

The current membership of the Committe is:


The NHLI Postdoc and Fellows Committee – chaired by the Institute Lead for Postdocs Professor Miriam Moffatt – meets quarterly to discuss issues affecting the postdocs in the department and reports to the NHLI Executive Committee on all issues related to postdocs. Please see the list of current members below.

For more information please contact the co-chairs.


Co-Chair - Daniela Pirri (Research Associate) d.pirri@imperial.ac.uk
Co-Chair - Elaine Fuertes (Research Fellow) e.fuertes@imperial.ac.uk

Matthew Siggins (Research Fellow) m.siggins@imperial.ac.uk
Justine Devulder (Research Associate) j.devulder@imperial.ac.uk
Akif Khawaja (Research Associate) akif.khawaja10@imperial.ac.uk
Bohee Lee (Research Associate) bohee.lee@imperial.ac.uk 
Pamela Swiatlowska (Research Associate) p.swiatlowska15@imperial.ac.uk
Vanessa Ho (Research Asscoate) vanessa.ho14@imperial.ac.uk

Beata Wojciak-Stothard (EDI Representative and Departmental Postdocs and Fellow Development Centre Champion) b.wojciak-stothard@imperial.ac.uk
Miriam Moffatt (Institute Lead for Postdocs and Fellows, and Departmental Postdocs and Fellow Development Centre Champion) m.moffatt@imperial.ac.uk,
Alun Owen (Research Manager) a.owen@imperial.ac.uk

Please also see the Postdoc and Fellows pages for more information.

The NHLI Information Governance Committee is chaired by Dr Joseph Boyle.

For more information please contact Dr Joseph Boyle joseph.boyle@imperial.ac.uk.