The Heart and Lung Repair Shop
The Heart and Lung Repair Shop



The Heart and Lung Repair Shop was a pop-up science shop in Hammersmith’s Kings Mall, open for two weeks in Summer 2014 from 7-20 July.

Exterior of heart and lung repair shop

NHLI scientists collaborated with four designers to develop the content for the shop, including interactive exhibits, activities and installations.

Row of jars

We imagined what a repair shop for the heart and lungs might look like, and what products and services it would sell.


Wall with shelves and poster

Products in The Heart and Lung Repair Shop included Canned Fresh Air, Oxygenated and Deoxygenated Blood, Vasculature on a Roll and Extracted Mucus!


Researcher watches as child tries machine

The centre-piece of the shop was a Heart and Lung Machine, with handles to inflate the lungs.


Child uses creeper board to roll under machine

…and a creeper board to roll underneath and discover fascinating facts about the heart and lungs.


Two ladies look through microscope at pop up shop

The shop had a work bench where people could try out laboratory activities like pipetting and have a go looking down a microscope at lung tissue or beating heart cells.


Researcher talks to member of public

Activities included the Lung Capacity Competition, where visitors had their lung capacity measured to try and make it onto our top ten leaderboard.


Lung Map - Final Data

Data visualisation of the average lung capacity of London postal districts, developed for The Heart & Lung Repair Shop, with Imperial College London and The National Heart & Lung Institute. Data collected July 2014 at The Heart & Lung Repair Shop, King's Mall, Hammersmith. The lung capacity data was collected along with people’s postcodes and then added to a data visualisation map of the average lung capacity of each postal district. Here is a video of the final visualisation.

Graphic design, motion graphics and programming by Joe Pochciol


Voting boxes

The audience were asked to vote on The Heart and Lung Repair Future Challenges. The winning challenge, receiving 699 votes, was ‘Repair Your Own Organs’ which was a challenge to develop drugs to stimulate the body’s own stem cells to heal itself. The other challenges were ‘Build a Heart’ receiving 184 votes, ‘Make Cigarettes Healthy’ receiving 278 votes and ‘Better Treatment for Lung Cancer’ receiving 408 votes.

Shop demo at pop up shop with man talking to crowd

18 NHLI scientists developed Shop Demos. You can watch some of the Shop Demos on our Heart and Lung Repair Shopping Channel playlist on YouTube.

Crowd listen to talk

We ran special events including debates about the future of heart and lung repair, facilitated by Y Touring Theatre Company.

Pupils attend pop up shop

And a debate workshop with students from Hammersmith Academy.

People at pop up shop

2750 people visited The Heart and Lung Repair Shop during the two weeks it was open.

The Heart and Lung Repair Shop was funded by the Wellcome Trust, supported by Kings Mall, Hammersmith and Hammersmith Business Improvement District, sponsored by Novotel London West with special events delivered in partnership with Y Touring Theatre Company

Design Collaborators: Annie Bowers (Designer), Chris Faulds (Designer and Production Manager), Andrew Friend (Installation Designer), Joe Pochciol (Installation Designer)

Science Collaborators & Shop Facilitators: Marta Abreu Paiva, Sarah Amis, Craig Batista, Kylie Belchamber, Sarah Bowling, Lidia Cammack, Ivan Carubelli, Rasheda Chowdhury, Julia Coffey, Ilaria Conti, Ceri Davies, Amy Day, Charlotte Dean, Neil Dufton, Stephen Durham, Gabor Foldes, Uta Griesenbach, Tank Guney, Sian Harding, Nicola Hellen, Rebecca Holloway, Jill Johnson, Meinir Jones, Chris Kane, Adam Loveridge, Evie Maifoshie, Catherine Mansfield, Maryam Mehrabi, Michelle Metcalf, Jane Mitchell, Caroline Morran, Claire Morgan, Michela Noseda, Clare O'Malley, Lourdes Osuna Almagro, Mike Paul-Smith, Luke Payne, Richard Perryman, Dina Pospori, Sara Rankin, Andia Redpath, Jo Rhodes, Ryan Robinson, Tristan Rodriguez, Duncan Rogers, Jess Rowley, Juan Sanchez Nieto, Sophie Schobesberger,  Francisca Schultz, Anusha Seneviratne, Aarti Shah, Mohamed Shamji, Amelia Shoemark, Jennifer Simonotto, Koval Smith, Najwa Soussi, Cesare Terracciano, Andrew Thorley, Jess Tilman, Matt Tranter, Mike Waller, Sophie Welch, Suet-Ping Wong

Shop Assistants: Will Hunter, Janine Myszka, Ros Pearce

Graphic Designer: Helen Davison

Photographer: Ellie Pinney

Filmmakers: Anand Jagatia, Jessica Rosa

Creative Producer: Ellen Dowell


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