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AB - RATIONALE: Bronchial epithelial cell damage occurs in patients with bronchial asthma. Ezrin, a membrane-cytoskeleton protein, maintains cellular morphology and intercellular adhesion and protects the barrier function of epithelial cells. OBJECTIVES: To study the role of ezrin in bronchial epithelial cells injury and correlate its expression with asthma severity. METHODS: Levels of ezrin were measured in exhaled breath condensate (EBC) and serum in asthma patients and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) from a mouse model of asthma by ELISA. The regulation of IL-13 on ezrin protein levels was studied in primary bronchial epithelial cells (PBECs). Ezrin knockdown using shRNA was studied in human bronchial epithelial 16HBE cells. RESULTS: Ezrin levels were decreased in asthmatic EBC (392.7±34.99 vs 150.5±10.22 pg/ml, p<0.0001) and serum (700.7±55.59 vs 279.2±25.83pg/ml, p<0.0001) compared to normal subjects. Levels were much lower in uncontrolled (p<0.001) and partly-controlled patients (p<0.01) compared to well-controlled subjects. EBC and serum ezrin levels correlated with lung function in asthma patients and serum ezrin levels were negatively correlated with serum IL-13 and periostin. IL-13-induced down-regulation of ezrin expression in PBECs was significantly attenuated by the JAK2 (Janus tyrosine kinase 2) inhibitor TG101348. Ezrin knockdown changed 16HBE cell morphology, enlarged intercellular spaces and increased their permeability. Ezrin expression was decreased in the lung tissue and BALF of 'asthmatic' mice and negatively correlated with BALF IL-13 level. CONCLUSIONS: Ezrin down-regulation is associated with IL-13-induced epithelial damage and might be a potential biomarker of asthma control.
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