Current NHS employees may be eligible for apply for funding from NHS England Genomics Education (previously known as HEE) to undertake our course in Genomic Medicine.

Funding covers course fees only for Genomic Medicine and is limited to NHS healthcare professionals working in England on a permanent contract from the full range of professional backgrounds and groups (such as medicine, nursing, healthcare scientists and technologists). Please note funding can only be allocated to those who are post registration professionals.

What are the entry requirements?

Applicants must meet the Genomic Medicine programme academic requirements and English Language requirement. A special case may be made for those who do not meet the academic requirements but have substantial work experience, relevant to the programme.

Can I apply for the full MSc programme?

Students can only apply initially for funding on the Postgraduate Certificate, with the potential to progress on the Postgraduate Diploma and then the MSc, subject to funding availability. Students can only apply for the next stage of funding once the institution has received funding allocation of the upcoming financial year.

Alternatively, you may opt to complete up to three modules as standalone short courses (also known as CPPD modules) and receive funding.

How do I apply for funding?

  1. Submit an online application for the Postgraduate Certificate in Genomic Medicine
  2. Successful applicants will then need to apply for funding. The University, student and their line manager will need to complete an online form to be submitted to the Genomics Education Programme (GEP)
  3. The student is responsible for ensuring all sections are completed prior to submission, in advance of September.
  4. Students will need to meet the funding requirements before approval will be granted.

Are there any funding requirements?

Applicants must also meet the criteria as outlined in the ‘Funding rules’ section of each module on the Genomics Education Programme website.

Funded students must maintain satisfactory academic progress and a good standing towards degree requirements for the duration of their enrolment.

Further questions?

For any other queries please email the programme team directly at