Collaboration between disciplines is essential for responding to today’s global challenges and developing the leading researchers of tomorrow. 

The Student Research Network Hub brings together students from across the College to form vibrant multidisciplinary student research communities around specific multidisciplinary themes. The initiative provides students with the opportunity to engage in a more authentic professional research experience and foster their learning and development beyond their own degree programme and area of specialisation within their general topic area.   

Each Network provides a series of events, activities and opportunities throughout the academic year, such as an annual student conference, seminars, and skills tutorials. Each Network is managed by students and staff. 

The Student Research Network Hub houses all the different topic-themed student research networks at Imperial, in addition to the partnerships with international Student Research Networks. The Student Research Network Hub works in collaboration with the Graduate School. Currently Imperial College London has 3 Student Research Networks, in addition to international partnerships.  

All students at Imperial College London are welcome to engage with any student research network. We particularly encourage students who are research active to engage with the student research network in their allied area. 

This is a great way to engage in a more authentic professional research experience whilst at Imperial and develop knowledge and skills way beyond what your own degree or research project can give you.  Look out for events advertised throughout the academic year on the Graduate School and Network websites. Please contact Network directors (details on each networks webpages) with any specific questions.

“Our various Student Research Networks provide fantastic opportunity for networking, collaboration, community, cross-disciplinary learning, enrichment of perspectives and personal and professional development for students, alongside their Masters or PhD programme” 











Dr Aaron M. Lett Director of Student Research Network Hub