Most students and their supervisor(s) have effective and productive supervisory partnerships, but all partnerships are unique.  The way in which the partnership with your supervisor is developed and managed will vary, but the foundation for a successful partnership starts right at the beginning.    

The College’s Mutual Expectations for Research Degree Partnerships document is designed to facilitate early discussions between students and their supervisors about how their partnership will work.  It is designed to be used when you first meet with your supervisor and re-visited as your partnership progresses.  You should work with your supervisor to tailor the content of the document to suit your needs. 

As your partnership progresses, there could be occasions when challenges occur, and your supervisory partnership becomes difficult.  This website is designed to explore some of the common challenges you may experience and offer practical suggestions for how you might address these.  If you are not able to solve things yourself, and you need more support, this website also signposts you to staff and services that can help.