The Graduate School delivers award winning and sector leading professional development opportunities to all postgraduate students at Imperial College London. The importance of professional development is recognised nationally by the funding councils and other funding bodies and is a key part of the educational experience at Imperial. Graduate School programmes offer students the opportunity to develop attributes valued by a broad range of employers as well as supporting them to develop as world-class researchers.

Our workshop cancellation policy principles and guidance provides students and departments with information on the required cancellation notices and how places on workshops can be cancelled. It also provides information on fines which will be issued to departments, should students fail to cancel their place.

Our policy is in place to ensure that students attending our workshops receive an excellent learning experience and to support our tutors who work hard to prepare and deliver our provision. It is also in place to ensure that students on workshop waiting lists can be offered a place when another student cancels.

Cancellation Policy Principles

  1. Students who are no longer able to attend a Graduate School workshop (short workshop or FUMO+) must cancel their place within the required notice period. Failure to do this will incur a fine of £30, which will be charged to their department.
  2. Students who fail to cancel their place on a longer workshop (Retreat) within the required notice period will incur a fine of £60, which will be charged to their department.
  3. If students are late (15 minutes) to a Graduate School workshop, they will not be able to attend and will be required to re-register for the course. Provided students have given us prior notice that they will be late, their department will not be charged. However, repeated lateness will incur fines of £30 which will be charged to the department.
  4. At the end of each term, the Graduate School will provide departments with a list of all students who have not cancelled with requisite notice and subsequent fines incurred.
  5. The Graduate School reserves the right to pause, restrict or prohibit students who repeatedly fail to attend or cancel their place in a timely manner from booking in-person and online professional skills workshops. Where such students still require completion of Graduate School workshops for the milestones, they will be directed to self-paced courses instead.

Cancellation notice periods

The cancellation notice periods set out below allow sufficient time for your place to be offered to another student on the waiting list. The cancellation deadlines are also important because many Graduate School workshops have pre-workshop activities which mean that students on waiting lists also require sufficient notice to enable them to complete these tasks ahead of the workshop.

 The following cancellation notices are required for Graduate School workshops:

  • Short workshops (2-3 hour workshops): a minimum of 5 working days notice
  • Finish Up Move On+ (FUMO+): a minimum of 2 weeks' notice
  • Retreats: a minimum of 2 weeks' notice

If extenuating circumstances mean that you are not able to meet the required cancellation notice for your workshop, please let the Graduate School know as soon as possible. You can email us directly at:

How to cancel your place on a Graduate School workshop

Workshops booked via Inkpath can be cancelled by logging into the app and managing your booked activities. Workshops booked outside of the Inkpath app can be cancelled by emailing:

Lateness and partial attendance

You are expected to be on-time for the start of your workshop and to stay until it finishes. If you arrive late (15 minutes or more) you will not be allowed entry and you will need to re-register to attend the workshop at a later date. Provided you have given prior notice that you will be late, your department will not be charged. However, repeated lateness will incur fines of £30 which will be charged to your department.