As well as our general courses and resources, the Graduate School provides a range of Cohort Delivery provision for particular groups of students e.g. block booking a course for an entire MRes/MSc programme or specific group of Doctoral students. We are also able to deliver customised versions of existing short courses.

Different Types of Cohort Delivery

The Graduate School offers four different types of cohort delivery, as listed below. 

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Cohort Delivery

Departments can make a request for any of the Graduate School’s existing workshops to be delivered to their cohorts of students.

  • Cohort delivery is subject to tutor availability.
  • In order to ensure that these courses are viable and to avoid cancellation, 90% or more of the students in the cohort should sign up to attend
  • There is no charge for cohort delivery except where:
    • Charges for materials apply i.e. Myers Briggs
    • Or where accommodation and subsistence is required i.e. residential or longer course

This element of our provision should only be booked if attendance is made compulsory for your particular cohort of students. It is the responsibility of the departmental organiser to ensure full participation on a cohort delivery session.

Please note:

  • Applications will not be considered if the criteria listed above is not met
  • Courses with low sign up will be cancelled in advance

Bespoke Delivery

These courses are not part of the Graduate School’s programme of professional skills.

  • Bespoke courses require substantial development work or are new material.
  • A standard fee of £1000 per workshop applies to bespoke delivery (normally up to one full day of training)
  • There may be additional charges applied for example course materials, or where accommodation or subsistence are required
  • Bespoke course delivery will be fully costed for Departments before course delivery.

Block Booking

Course organisers and administrators are able to reserve a certain number of places on many of the courses from the existing timetabled Professional Skills and MasterClass programme. Booking for these courses will be open to all, but a certain number of places will be reserved for your students. Block booked sessions may be arranged throughout the year (please see further details below).

*Please note that you may need to make alternative arrangements if class size prohibits block booking.

How to Request Cohort Delivery

To book cohort delivery for a particular cohort, please complete the appropriate online form. In order to ensure that your requirements are met, it is imperative that the Postgraduate Development Unit (PDU) understands the objectives and the intended learning outcomes, as well as having some background about the cohort of students in question. Please ensure that you include as much detail as possible on the application form. It should be noted that cohort delivery will be arranged subject to availability and will be offered on a first come first served basis.

Booking Forms

You will receive email confirmation that your application has been received. The Graduate School will be in touch once your request has been considered.


To ensure that the Graduate School are able to manage and organise these sessions effectively, bookings for bespoke, cohort delivery and cohort by requests can only be made once a year. Bookings for the 2024/25 academic session will open and close during the following time period:

  •  Monday 01 July 2024 – Wednesday 31 July 2024

Cohort delivery courses can only be scheduled between the following dates, Monday 14 October 2024 – Friday 27 June 2025. Requests for cohort delivery sessions outside of these timeframes will be considered on a case-by-case basis without guarantee.  

Please note, this will be the only opportunity to book a closed cohort delivery course for the next academic session, however block bookings can be made ay any time throughout the year.

Cohort Delivery Process Documentation

In order to help colleagues understand the administrative processes and what is expected of them, the Graduate School has produced the following guidance. Please feel free to read/download:

Student Attendance at Graduate School Courses

Master's students and MRes may access Doctoral level workshops via the Cohort delivery Programme.  Master’s students who complete doctoral level courses can carry over course credits should they continue at Imperial College as PhD students. 

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