Learning through discussion

Discussion-based learning happens when you are actively engaged in sharing and articulating your ideas and opinions with your peers and teachers towards specific topics under discussion.

As part of the process, you might also raise questions and counterarguments to clarify or challenge others' thoughts.

More example activities include:

Having group discussions on topics, problems or readings (this can be via different platforms such as blog, wiki, webinars, virtual classroom, Blackboard); participating in a social networking or special interest groups; reflecting on the given tasks and developing action points with your team members; discussing model answers/examples of previous work.

Two students discussing together

Sometimes I feel like I've understood something, but then I talk to my classmates and I realise I've only got half the story! I definitely learn a lot from discussing ideas with other people. It makes me feel like I've got something to contribute, and it helps me understand things on a deeper level."

Former Imperial student