Why attend?

"The Careers Service gives you a great chance to explore opportunities and potential employers. I’ve found their Essentials workshops really useful, especially the LinkedIn one, giving me confidence to approach interesting people and learn more about what I could do in the future"

The Careers Service offers a range of workshops to help explore, plan and get the job/postgraduate study option that is right for you. These run throughout the year at a variety of times to help fit around all timetables. Careers Essentials are 1 hour sessions to help you get started on a range of topics including:

  • LinkedIn to improve you networking
  • Application tools such as CVs, cover letters, application forms and psychometric tests
  • Interview and assessment centres

Careers Lab workshops allows you to get involved and practice these skills covering topics such as Interviews, Case study interviews and to PhD or not to PhD.

A variety of workshops are offered by employers which let you learn more about different organisations and jobs, build networking skills and meet past alumni. These run throughout the year and often recorded versions are available through the careers service video library. Here you’ll find our pre-recorded Careers Discovery series to help you understand how to get internships in different industries.

The Careers service also offer a huge range of other events such as careers fairs, careers panels, speed networking events and events specifically for your department. Sign up to the weekly newsletter so you don’t miss out.