Aerial shot of South Kensington campus

Top tips

"Take the time to locate your nearest supermarket and stock up on food. Freshers week gets hectic and it's important to eat properly."

"South Kensington is an amazing area and we are so fortunate to live here - it is so safe and always thriving emphasised by how Exhibition Road is always packed with tourists asking you to take photos! It is indeed as expensive as you thought but you’re paying for the beauty of the location! And on top of that, the amount of things you can do for free in the area are numerous!"

"I think some of the big things to pick up are ‘street smarts’ like how to get around using tubes and buses as well as the cycle hire scheme. Also, there are some local places for good cheap food like the sandwich shop, oriental canteen and chopstix, café forum, etc. that lots of students really like."

Imperial has a number of campuses in London and the South East and it will take you a little while to find your way around. Don't worry - in your first few weeks and months everyone else will be finding their way around too.

You can find out more about each campus below, or take a look at our campus maps.

Not sure where to start? Here are our tips for finding your way at Imperial:

  • Don't worry about getting lost in the day time, it can often be the best way to find your way around. But make sure you tell friends where you're going and carry enough cash for a taxi home (just in case);
  • No matter where you are it is good to be aware of personal safety and London is no exception. Take a look at our safety tips;
  • Use Google Maps or another mobile application to help navigate the local area;
  • If you need to make use of the London Underground, follow the Transport for London website, Twitter or Facebook. Their regular service updates should keep you on the move;
  • Buddy up with a classmate if you need to go to the same buildings for lectures or classes;
  • Spend your free time exploring the rest of the city. One of the benefits of being in London is the amount of attractions, museums and parks around you.