There are many sources of advice at Imperial College London. If you're struggling with any aspect of life at university, you can always ask for help - you don't need to keep it to yourself.

Tutor and student in conversation

Academic staff

Your tutor is always a good place to start. They can advise you on study techniques, time management, career planning, and a whole range of other subjects. You may also find that you develop good relationships with other teaching staff - they'll be happy to help out if you ask them.

Support staff

If you are worried about not having the right information for your course, you can also speak to the support staff in your department, or to the Library staff.

Student getting help in the hub


A wide range of wellbeing services are on offer at Imperial. The Imperial Student Support Zone pages contain a full list of what's available, including support with finance, health and religious matters.

Imperial College Union runs an advice centre for if your studies are making you unhappy or anxious. The centre can provide support for students on a range of topics including money, employment rights, international student issues and more. You can find a list of contacts which may also be useful if you need some support here.

Friends and family

Students relaxing with a coffeeYou may find that your friends and family are able to offer support with difficulties you encounter at university. Don't be afraid to ask them for help - they might have useful advice.

Other resources