As an Imperial student, you will experience many opportunities and also some challenges on your journey. Alongside your studying, you will have outside interests you want to pursue, friendships to build, and the practical responsibilities that come with living independently.

At times, you may experience additional challenges relating to your family or your finances. Over the year, and particularly near to exam time, you may feel more anxious than usual, and this might affect you physically for example through sleep patterns and concentration spans. All these factors and others can feel overwhelming and will impact on your wellbeing and on the way in which you study.

Coaching approaches can help you to maximise your ability to study effectively and feel more able to address challenges and make the most of new opportunities. Coaching approaches help by exploring what you would like to achieve, identifying supporting factors (e.g. strengths, motivating factors, external resources) and obstacles, and then developing a plan of action to help you achieve your ideal outcomes.