Pre-sessional courses

If coming to Imperial will be the first time you’ve studied at an English-medium academic institution, you might want to upgrade your academic communication skills before you begin. Imperial’s Centre for Academic English runs a 3-week, full-time course in September to help you prepare for your first term. The intensive course gives you practice in, and feedback on, many aspects of academic communication, including report writing and giving presentations. Taking the course also means that you will become an Imperial student earlier than your peers, giving you time to orient yourself to College life before the busy start of term.

Think beyond academic life

There's plenty to think about outside of your studies. Imperial and the beautiful city around it boast a range of events, activities and opportunities to broaden your mind. You might want to master a new skill, take up a new sport or embrace a new challeneg - never again are you likely to have such freedom to learn about yourself and what you enjoy. Before you come to Imperial, have a look through the 380+ list of Clubs, Socities and Projects that you can join, and make your time here much more than just studying!