Students sharing ideas using post-it notesAn Imperial education is not just about the cutting-edge knowledge you'll gain while studying for your degree.

It's also about the process of becoming a skilled and empowered specialist who can tackle global challenges head-on.

You’ve worked very hard to get here and have earned the right to an educational experience that will take you out of your comfort zone and broaden your horizons.

How will I learn?

As part of studying at Imperial, you will find yourself experiencing all kinds of different learning activities in your programme of study.

It will be both interesting and rewarding, and there are many benefits to trying out new approaches to learning which you might not have encountered before.

Challenging new concepts can be easier to master when delivered in innovative and varied learning styles, while an exposure to new ways of thinking and working can help you develop as a person and even help you in your future career.

Let's look at what these learning types might include.