Booking a room in the Department of Chemical Engineering

To request a room booking

Please email us at with complete details of your event, number of attendees, type of room required.

To check room availability

Please use the CELCAT calendar

You will need to use your Imperial credentials to access this page. If you do not have access please contact ICT.


Teaching bookings

For ALL teaching bookings (e.g. to schedule or re-arrange lectures, tutorials, meetings for coursework etc.) you must contact the Teaching Support Officer, Dilshad Badshah ( 

Students wishing to book rooms for a group meeting related to timetabled teaching (e.g. Final Year Design meetings) must also contact the Teaching Support Officer directly.

All other bookings

Requests to book rooms for conferences, meeting, seminars and other non-timetabled events MUST be sent using the email form above. This inbox is centrally managed and will enable requests to be handled more efficiently.

All requests must be made at least 48 hours prior to the date the room is needed and all emails must contain the following information:

Your Name:

Academic supervisor:
If you are booking on behalf of your academic supervisor/manager, please provide their name

Event date(s):

Event time(s):
Start and end times

Event type:
e.g. group meeting, sponsors meeting, conference, clubs/society meeting,  etc.

Event description:
e.g. EPSRC research meeting, Volleyball Society meeting, ABB conference, etc. 

Type of room:
Meeting room, lecture theatre, etc. If you have a preferred room please specify

Number of attendees:

Any other requirements or useful information