Many Faculty of Engineering alumni and supporters have generously donated to scholarships and bursaries at the College over the years, but now our alumni are able to direct a gift specifically to the Faculty through the Dean's Fund.

In order to educate the engineers of the future to the highest standard, we need continued investment in the Faculty. Unrestricted gifts to the Dean’s Fund allow the Faculty the flexibility to meet its most pressing needs as they arise.

These funds make the greatest impact by supporting areas such as:

Student support - scholarships, bursaries and living costs, travel costs for conferences and field trips, unexpected hardship, entrepreneurship and innovation, etc.

Academic excellence - academic posts, frontier research support, prototyping costs, conferences and travel costs, business plan development, etc.

Infrastructure - renovations to existing labs, equipment refurbishment or purchase, unexpected space allocation opportunities.

These funds allow the Dean or Head of Department to say 'yes' in an environment of shrinking government support and flat research funding. Your support can help make the difference between top tier and the best.

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Funding priorities

Unrestricted Support

Dean's Fund
Heads of Department Fund

Student Support

Endowed PhD scholarships
Bursary / Cost of living
Hardship Funds
Conferences/ UROP

Academic Support

Endowed Academic posts
Frontier Research
Conferences / Prof Development

Infrastructure Support

New buildings/ Facilities

What work could I support?

Hundreds of research projects are ongoing across the Faculty as we work to tackle some of the world's greatest challenges. This broad range of activity can be focused into six core themes that encompass our approach and expertise.

Engineer healthcare solutions

With an ageing population comes increased focus on the need for effective healthcare. We focus the full power of fundamental engineering research onto engineering solutions to healthcare issues.

Enable accessible and personalised technologies

We place a strong emphasis on enhancing people's lives and increasing their independence. We develop bespoke, efficient and innovative technological solutions that meet specific user needs. 

Develop secure, sustainable and resilient technologies to mitigate climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face today. We work to drive forward climate and environment related research, translating this into real world impact.

Empower students to make a difference in society

We pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of teaching and ensuring our students have access to the best possible facilities and resources. Across all our departments students take initiative through projects and group work, and through our well established network of industrial connections students have opportunities to work with globally successful companies.

Research across discipline boundaries to address global challenges

We encourage multidisciplinary research through our institutes and departments, focusing on engineering-led growth areas that target global challenges, including future manufacturing, biomedical engineering, energy, security, data and urban energy systems.

Entrepreneurship, creativity and design

Ever ambitious, always curious, we are committed to innovation and creativity in all that we do. From the creation of new departments and grand challenge institutes, to student success in global competitions and our focus on translating research into real-world applications, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and creativity.

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Other ways to give

Support a department


The Department has recently played a central role in UK-wide developments in aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, with the creation of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Fluid Mechanics and establishment of the National Wind Tunnel Facility. Our new £1.25 million arena for flying the next generation of aerial robotcs will be constructed soon and support research activities across the Department, while a new MEng has also been introduced.

Make a gift to Aeronautics


The Department leads the bioengineering agenda both nationally and internationally, advancing frontiers of our knowledge across biomedical engineering, biological engineering and biomimetics. We're committed to building on this success expanding both our basic and applied bioengineering research, and providing excellent training through our popular undergraduate, MSc, MRes, MD(Res) and PhD programmes.

Make a gift to Bioengineering

Chemical Engineering

One of the oldest and largest chemical engineering departments in the world, we strive to improve the student experience by enhancing our space, exploring growth areas and providing opportunities for students to use world class facilities.

Make a gift to Chemical Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

As a department we nurture and develop the next generation of globally recognised engineers and researchers and explore opportunities for discovery and engagement. Our goal is to advance the very basic science at the core of civil engineering and its sub-disciplines, including growing research activity in sustainable infrastructure, urban systems engineering, renewable energy and shale gas.

Make a gift to Civil and Environmental Engineering


Focused on devising innovative, correct and optimal solutions to hard problems, we hope to strengthen our work in emerging application areas in computing science, including security, healthcare and urban systems engineering. We invest in improving our student spaces and supporting student activity, and focus on outreach initiatives to inspire future generations.

Make a gift to Computing

Design Engineering

Established in 2014, the Dyson School of Design Engineering has a fast growing population of staff and students. Innovation lies at the heart of what we do, as we pull together the latest breakthroughs in design, engineering, science and technology and showcase our work to the world through community networks, media and regular high tech exhibitions and technology events.

Make a gift to Design Engineering

Earth Science and Engineering

In pursuit of understanding how our planet works, from core to crust to atmosphere, we are a proactive department with consistently high rankings for our teaching and research. We pride ourselves on our high levels of student satisfaction which we hope to sustain and improve.

Make a gift to Earth Science and Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

We embrace the challenge of designing technologies that make things faster, better, cheaper, and more sustainable, and educate the next generation of highly valued engineers. From lectures and laboratory classes to self-led learning and industrial placements, we provide a supportive environment for all our students.

Make a gift to Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Our vision is to maintain and grow a creative and supportive environment where research students receive first-class training, postdoctoral researchers develop independence and all staff realise their full research potential.

Make a gift to Materials

Mechanical Engineering

We have a distinguished tradition of excellence in teaching, research and practice, bringing together internationally leading staff, exceptional students and state-of-the-art facilities. This exciting and exacting environment offers more than 500 high-achieving undergraduate and postgraduate students the facilities, resources and motivation they need to reach their full potential.

Make a gift to Mechanical Engineering

Support a scholarship

Presidents Scholar President's Scholarships

Entirely funded through donations, the President's Scholarship Fund offers scholarships for bright young people - recognising their talent and enabling them to fulfill their potential at Imperial.

Named scholarships Named scholarships

Your support can create a life-changing scholarship that provides full tuition fees and living costs for a talented and committed student. The scholarships are named after the donor, in recognition of their generosity.

Give in your will

Remembering Imperial in your will is a tax-efficient and insightful way of supporting the College. Securing support for the long-term is vitally important to the College, ensuring the continuation of world class research opportunities, providing education for gifted and disadvantaged young people and also ensuring the provision of resources worthy of a first class academic institution.

Your estate may be subject to inheritance tax and it may be advantageous to distribute your estate so that your family and friends are left gifts below the tax threshold and therefore not subject to inheritance tax.

It is increasingly difficult to mitigate the impact of inheritance tax in a cost-effective manner. Money from an estate that is bequeathed to an organisation with charitable status* is exempt from inheritance tax. You may wish to consider leaving some of your estate in this way for causes of your own choosing so as to benefit them in a way that you have personally specified.

Recommended wording for including a gift in your Will
Your solicitor may use the following wording as a guideline for including Imperial in your Will:

“I give, to the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine of Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London SW7 2AZ, [insert a fixed amount] or [insert specified percentage/allof my residuary estate] to be applied to the [insert general purposes/preferred area] of the said College and I declare that the receipt of the Director of Finance or other duly authorised officer of the College shall be good and sufficient discharge to my Executors.”

Engage your company

We partner with companies of all sizes to advance scholarship, support students, and foster innovative collaborations. The Corporate Partnerships team can work with you to explore a tailored approach to partnering with the University.

Corporate Partnerships team

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Corporate Partnerships Manager
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