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Group lead
Dr Olivier Pardo
+44 (0)20 7594 2814

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Disease areas

What we do

We study mechanisms of drug resistance and metastasis in cancer, with special focus on lung cancer, sarcoma and choriocarcinoma. To this end, we use a multidisciplinary approach including metabolomics, proteomics, high-content/high-throughput screening and bioinformatics to study the molecular mechanisms underlying tumour progression. 

Why it is important

Drug resistance and metastasis are responsible for the vast majority of death associated with cancer. Hence, finding ways to combat these therapeutically will improve survival of patients in the clinic. Our long-term purpose is to propose novel therapeutic strategies that will either circumvent or revert resistance and prevent disease dissemination.

How it can benefit patients

We partner with clinical members of the Cancer Division who translate our scientific findings into clinical trials. Hence, we hope to see our research soon propose novel routine therapeutics for patients in the clinic.

Summary of current research

To date we have several projects running in parallel which include:

  • The role of RSK isoforms in lung cancer biology
  • The role of S6K2 in cancer drug resistance
  • Novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets in the treatment of gestational trophoblastic disease
  • The function of the FGF2 pathway in sarcoma tumour progression

Please see Dr Olivier Pardo's web page for more detail




  • Prof Julian Downward - Crick Institute
  • Prof Ivan Gout - UCL
  • Prof Yulan Wan - CAS, China
  • Prof Huiru Tang - Fudan Uni, Shanghai
  • Dr Martin Holcik - Uni of Toronto, Canada
  • Prof Robin Williams – Royal Holloway
  • Dr Filippo Prischi –University of Essex
  • Dr Rongjun Chen - Chemical Engineering, Imperial College
  • Dr Kirill Veselkov - Department of Surgery & Cancer, Imperial College

For patients

  • Details of the studies supported by the Cancer Treatment and Research Trust charity and how to donate to support our research can be found at the Cancer Treatment and Research Trust

PhD students

Current PhD students:

  • Yueyang Huang
  • Yakinthi Chrisochoidou
  • Panagiota Ntavelou
  • Eva Zeringa (co-supervised with D Overby-IC)
  • Sonia Shinhmar (co-supervised with R Williams-Royal Holloway)

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