The Department of Earth Science and Engineering holds an Athena Swan Bronze Award (September 2021).

The Advance HE’s Athena Swan Charter was established in 2005 to encourage and recognise commitment to advancing the careers of women and address gender equality more broadly. ESE's Bronze Athena Swan award recognises the efforts and actions occurring within the department to encourage equality, diversity and inclusion. The award is an important step in our efforts to transform gender equality and support women in higher education, and we continue to push for further improvement in how we support and empower our female students and staff.

The Athena SWAN committee covers all areas of ESE - from undergraduates to professors, academics to professional services. The group is currently chaired by Katharina Kreissig and Joanna Morgan and was chaired previously by Rebecca Bell and Sam Krevor. Participation in the group is voluntary and open to all. Please contact co-chairs Katharina Kreissig or Joanna Morgan if you wish to get involved.

Some of our members:

Katharina Kreissig

Katharina Kreissig, Laboratory Manager (MAGIC)

Katharina is managing ESE's clean Labs and has been part of MAGIC since 2008. She completed her PhD in Isotope Geochemistry in 1999, followed by 5 years of working as postdoctoral Research Assistant and Research Fellow and one year as an XRD Consultant in industry. Whilst supporting the training and supervision of MScis, PhDs and young scientists she uses her extensive experience as a researcher and her management skills to keep the facilities running with as little downtime as possible. 

“As a mother of two children, I very much appreciate the flexibility I have and the support I receive from the group and the Department.  General awareness of EDI has already made an impact during the last ten years and Imperial College has some great schemes in place but having experienced the difficulties and obstacles motherhood can cause in a research carrier, I believe more changes are needed.”

Jo Morgan, Professor of Geophysics in ESE

Valentin Laurent

Valentin Laurent, Senior Teaching Fellow

Valentin is a field geologist specialising in structural geology, metamorphic petrology and geochronology. He teaches core courses in his domain of expertise and supervises undergraduate Earth Science projects. He also oversees the departmental curriculum review and pedagogic transformation. He joined ESE in September 2018. He is married to Nolwenn, an experimental volcanologist, and has one young child.

“I really like working at Imperial College as a Teaching Fellow. From my first day here, I received strong support from people working in the department, which are always available to help if needed. My son was born only 4 months after I started working here, and while it was one of the busiest periods of the year, all my colleagues supported me to maintain a healthy work-life balance.” 

Rebecca Bell

Samuel Krevor

Matthew Genge

Alexander Lipp 

Victoria Milanez Fernandes

Victoria Murphy

Adriana Paluszny Rodriguez

Emma Passmore

David Pedreros Bastidas

Katie Rycraft

Rebecca Smith

Emma Watson