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Connor Preston

SAF, Level 3, Desk 16
South Kensington

The Research Histology Facility is a key component of the Inflammation, Repair and Development Section at the NHLI, which extends its services to various Sections and Departments within Imperial and to external partners.

Our histology facility provides essential services, including the processing and embedding of tissue into paraffin wax blocks, sectioning and specialised staining. We also offer acryo-sectioning service and are able to provide guidance and training in histology techniques. We can also provide advice on protocol development and troubleshooting for immunohistochemistry staining. However, it is important to note that we do not offer an immunostaining service.

The IRD Histology Facility is run by Connor Preston, who has over twelve years experience working as a histologist in both NHS and research Laboratories.

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Level 3, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, South Kensington Campus

Price List

(current charging rates for users from January 2023)

Process to wax and sectioning of wax block: £12.50 per block
includes x1 HE and x5 unstained sections

Additional slides: £2.50 each

Cutting levels: £16.50 per block
cost of extra knives and slides above part of knife and 6 slides included in £12.50 deal above will be charged extra

Process to wax only: £7.50 per block

 For full charging rates please contact Connor Preston.

Transport of specimens for wax processing

1. Fixatives are carcinogenic and toxic so specimens must never be transported in fixative owing to the danger of exposure in event of a leak.
2. Fix specimens according to protocol and using a fume hood transfer to 70% ethanol or IMS in a plastic screw top container. Note glass must not be used owing to danger of breakage.
3. Wrap the join between the lid and body of the jar with several turns of cling film.
4. Label the jar with contents and a contact name and number.
5. Insert the jar inside a double layer of resealable plastic bags (or a second screw top jar) to prevent leaks.
6. Transfer to the Histology lab at South Kensington inside another plastic bag.

Please note: It is important histology staff are contacted prior to delivering human specimens. 
(Delivered to histology staff directly HTA requirements)