Identifying Research Funding Opportunities

The most comprehensive source of information about research grant funding opportunities is available to all College employees via the Idox GRANTfinder 4 Education online system.  This is a searchable database of funding opportunities and makes it possible to set up alerts.  Full details on how to access the system can be found on the Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre webpages and a quick start guide is available.

Where ever possible identified funding opportunities will also be added to the NHLI Research Funding and Opportunities webpages, which provides a snap shot of funding calls relevant to all researchers in the cardiac, vascular and respiratory fields as well as more general but appropriate biomedical calls. 

Details of available Early Career Fellowships can also be found on the Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre webpages. 

More information on clinical academic fellowships can be found on the Clinical Academic Training Office webpages. 

A full list of Internal funding opportunities can be found on the Research Office webpages.  These opportunities will not appear on the Idox GRANTfinder system, which is limited to external schemes.  In addition, any schemes to external funders which require Imperial management (for example because limited numbers of applications can be made) can be found on these Research Office webpages.

If you are looking for funding to undertake a PhD with a supervisor from the National Heart and Lung Institute, please see our step by step guide on applying.

NHLI Funding Opportunities

A number of schemes are available to NHLI researchers.

The NHLI Research Fellowship is a 12 month fellowship scheme to support excellent basic or clinical science researchers who have a clear research vision looking to secure a personal fellowship and establish their own research group within National Heart and Lung Institute.  The Fellowship provides 12 months support to develop and submit a strong application(s) for an independent externally funded fellowship.  SCHEME CURRENTLY OPEN (DEADLINE 17th OCTOBER 2019) 

The NHLI Pilot Awards are generously funded by the NHLI Foundation to support early career researchers who have completed their PhD to enable individuals wishing to transition to independence to develop their own funding portfolio with pilot research projects, laboratory visits and/or specialist training courses. The awards are entirely flexible and can be used in any way that will provide benefit to the individual in pursuing an independent, academic career path.  This scheme runs twice per year.

The NHLI Travel Awards, funded by the NHLI Foundation and the Michael Alberman Travel Award endowment, supports travel awards for NHLI researchers for the purpose of presenting at conferences or attending scientific workshops in the fields of cardiovascular and respiratory research. This scheme runs four times a year and reports of previous awardees can be found here.