The following should provide a summary of the steps required to submit a grant application in NHLI.  More details are available on the associated pages and these should be consulted in conjunction with this list.

Preparing and completing the grant


  • Early in writing, fill in Worktribe Costing Request to initiated the costing process. This should go to your Section Manager and you should discuss with them as you further develop the budgets.
  • In middle of writing, ask 2-3 peer reviewers for comment. You can make this request to whoever you feel will provide you with useful and informed comments.  This may include postdoctoral fellows, NHS colleagues, individuals outside-Imperial etc. It is helpful to capture feedback using the review form particularly if feedback is provided in an alternate way such as face-to-face feedback or a track change document.  While strongly encouraged for all grants review is mandatory for applications over £50k.
  • Late in writing, finish writing the grant, checking carefully to ensure that everything is covered including references, figures, right-length CVs, letters of support etc.

These steps should be undertaken in parallel with the ones listed below. 



  • Email the grant and the reviews to your Head of Section, for comments and approval. It is useful to send everything in a single email.  Ask Head of Section to explicitly consider that space available for any staff who will be employed, equipment being purchased etc.
  • In addition to above for >£200k, email the response to the above email, attaching grant and reviews, to the Head of Division for comments and approval.
  • Send the above approvals to the Section Manager so this can be attached to Worktribe as they will be required when this is approved. 
  • Documents which will be required for Worktribe approval include: draft copy of the grant, reviewers comments, any quotes for equipment or services, approvals.
  • Submit the grant application for final approvals at least 5 working days before the deadline.