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The National Heart and Lung Institute (NHLI) leads one year intercalated BSc programmes in cardiovascular, respiratory and related sciences. These programmes are open to Imperial College London Phase 2 (Year 4) MBBS students as well as to external candidates.

All BSc programmes within the Faculty of Medicine follow the same structure and comprise:

  • Three core teaching blocks
  • A self-directed learning block involving independent and group work
  • A 15-week research project

Professor Louise Donnelly - Director of Education (Taught Programmes)

Personalised Medicine: Hope or Hype? - STEMM i-Explore module

Undergraduate students can take a for-degree-credit module from outside of their discipline in Year 2. The modules are called I-Explore Modules and the NHLI runs the STEMM Module on 'Personalised Medicine: Hope or Hype?' in the Autumn and Spring terms each year.

This module will familiarise you with the cutting-edge advances in several STEMM disciplines that have contributed to the growth of personalised medicine, engaging with its pros and cons from the standpoint of different groups, political standpoints and cultural sensitivities.

Find out more on the Year 2 STEMM modules or academics on the personalised medicine module.

Module Lead: Prof Ian Adcock