A College Identifier or CID is a unique number assigned to all individuals and organisations associated with Imperial College London. 

Students and members of staff are issued a CID when they begin work or start their studies. The CID identifies each individual when they interact with main College administrative systems, ICIS, Registry, Security, the Library, for example.

Organisations with a CID include suppliers, funding bodies and public sector organisations, such as NHS Trusts and other universities.

How is my CID used?

As an individual, you will be asked to quote your CID on College documentation e.g. forms relating to expense claims and changes to personal details. When ordering from suppliers or requesting payment from customers you will need to know the CID of the organisation in question. 

How do I find a CID?

Your CID can be found on official documents sent from Imperial e.g. employee contracts, student acceptance letters. For current students and members of staff, your CID is also displayed on the bottom left-hand corner of your College ID card. Your CID is also printed on the top left-hand side of your payslip if you are a member of staff.

If you have difficulty obtaining your CID, contact your departmental or divisional administrator.

Student and staff CID records are produced and held in a database known as the Individual CID Generator, which is a module in Imperial College Information Systems (ICIS). Authorised users have enquiry access to the database to obtain the CID of individual members of staff or students.

How do I obtain a list of CIDs?

To obtain lists of CIDs by department for your department or division, contact: