Your Master's degree will not just be about repeating the same information and perspectives that you hear in lectures. You will be expected to explore new perspectives, pursue your own research and add your own voice to the community in your field.

This will require you to broaden your horizons, but the benefits of this will be worth the effort, for your research, your future career prospects and your personal growth.

You will discover many opportunities both on and off campus to develop new skills, open doors and consider new ideas, for example:

Every year, there are numerous thought-provoking talks taking place in and around Imperial. These talks will challenge you to consider a range of issues, and enable you to learn from - and interact with - a number of world-leading experts.

Many of these events are devised and organised by students themselves. If you believe you have a topic that you and others would be passionate about, why not put together a conference or symposium?

Looking off-campus

London is a busy city, and there are many events and conferences to explore. Whether you are looking to improve your understanding of your chosen field, build your network, or learn a new skill, you will be able to discover something of interest in the capital.

Keep an eye on what people in your network are sharing, and regularly check respected publications in your field of interest for upcoming events and talks.