1. Soak up Imperial

Take advantage of learning and development opportunities beyond your programme. Keep in touch with what’s going on. Being a member of Imperial gives you privileged access to the Imperial community – use it.

2. Connect and network

Make lasting contact with students and staff across Imperial. Say yes to events and invitations – you never know who you might meet and what you might learn. And look out for opportunities to make links with professionals and alumni beyond Imperial.

3. Think Master’s level

Question, critically analyse, think, build evidence–based arguments, create, be original, find your own voice and take ownership of your study and research.

4. Balance your time

A Master’s is very intense, but plan your time so that you can live, think, have fun, be sociable and develop alongside your study and research.

5. Make the most of London

Take time out to explore; whether it is theatre, live music, food from across the world, or simply seeking out new parts of the city. There is so much on offer – soak it up.

6. Engage with your Academic Reps

Use feedback channels, engage in student-staff liaison and consider becoming an Academic Rep to help shape your programme and the wider Master’s education experience at Imperial. Make good use of the Graduate Students' Union.

7. Consider what’s next

Did you know that many PhDs and UK employers start to recruit master’s students as early as October (to start work a year later)? Visit the Careers Service early on in your time at Imperial for advice and support in developing your future plans.

8. Use your Graduate School

You are automatically a member, so make sure to get the most out of this valuable resource. The School provides resources to develop your professional skills and a host of lectures and social events.

9. If you need help, ask

Life has its ups and downs and if you’re struggling on any level, Imperial has a range of support services and systems in place. Don’t struggle on alone – speak to someone, perhaps a friend, your personal tutor, someone from the programme team or any of the College's student support services.

10. Refresh and renew

Find space in your life for refuelling, recharging and staying healthy. Play a sport, do some exercise, or join one of the many Imperial clubs and societies. Make use of the Chaplaincy, or join a choir or instrumental group. Go to an art gallery or walk in Hyde Park. Or simply have interesting conversations with new people.