Life as a part-time student

Read about Katy's experiences as a part-time student.

Working with other students

There is a growing recognition of the value of multi-disciplinary team experience in research. Group work enables each student to apply their unique skills to a task, and learn to work effectively with others. Visit the Working with others section of the Success Guide for more information and tips.

Working remotely and as a team

Part-time students with a group work project will need to master effective ways of working remotely as a team. You may be assigned to a group by your tutor, or be asked to form one yourselves based on your shared interests. You will need to assign roles and responsibilities when you convene the group, and agree how you will work together and communicate to achieve the task at hand.

Part-time students may be joined by external students during teaching modules. External students enrol to attend the modules as short courses, for which they may obtain continuing professional development credits. However, not all courses offer this option.

Making the most of the Imperial community

There are a variety of social activities, clubs, and open lectures at Imperial. You can find out more about the opportunities available on the Imperial website and through faculty newsletters. Make sure you take the time to enjoy everything that the College has to offer. Check the Imperial College Union What's on page for the latest activities.