How does Master's level study differ from your undergraduate work?

Essentially, it marks a shift from ‘being a student’ of a particular subject to ‘being an expert’ in it. But what does that mean in practice?

At this point in your academic career, you will be expected to go beyond merely consuming knowledge and information, and start contributing to the understanding of the subject yourself. This may be as a result of individual or group research.

To do this, you will need to do more than simply study your subject. You will need to acquire knowledge, develop skills, and analyse and interpret information to come up with an enhanced or unique understanding of your field.

This role will also involve playing a larger role in your research community. You can do this by attending research conferences, and by contributing to these conferences as your confidence increases. By establishing a strong network of colleagues and contacts, you will find yourself with a much fuller understanding of your subject. Read about Katy's experience at the WISE Conference here.

Postgraduate study will enable you to go beyond being a student, and help you develop valuable skills for your future.