Most programmes are designed to be studied full-time, but some can be completed part-time. It is not normally possible to switch between full-time and part-time once you have joined a programme.

Full-time study

As a full-time student, you will typically enrol on a programme for a full calendar year (i.e. for a 12-month unbroken registration period). You will be required to attend timetabled sessions throughout the academic year and partake in independent study, in which you will study on your own, or with your peers. While this is unsupervised, it is often also timetabled to give you an idea of when you should be carrying out independent research.

Part-time study

If you decide to study on a part-time programme, it will have been specifically designed to allow you to attend certain days, weeks, or certain times of the year. You will most likely be required to attend the same amount of timetabled sessions, but they will be more spread out and you will not be expected to study as intensively during one academic year.

If you are unsure whether your programme requires full-time or part-time study, have a look on the programme webpage and get in contact with the programme administrator.

It is not possible to register for other postgraduate programmes at another institution that starts before your registration period at Imperial ends.

More information and tips for part-time students can be found in the Part-time study section of the Success Guide.