Student giving a presentationLearning how to communicate effectively with different audiences is hugely important in everything we do. This applies whether we are delivering a presentation, having a conversation, or writing something for a wider audience.

The Graduate School, Centre for Academic English and the Language and Study Skill Support Unit at the Business School offer workshops for Master’s students to help you to develop your academic communication competence and confidence. These soft skills will complement your knowledge and understanding of your chosen subject area, and enable you to share content with your audience in a meaningful and persuasive manner.

Effective communication

Here are a few simple tips for communicating effectively in academic, professional and social contexts.

  • Use your voice to stress key words, pause for effect, and quicken or slow your pace to add interest
  • Modify your body-language and your standing or sitting position, and maintain eye contact to engage more deeply with your audience
  • Adopt a style that is authoritative or establishes a close rapport

In more formal presentations you should learn how to:

  • Design slides to be informative but not overload an audience
  • Show complex statistical information in an accessible way
  • Use signposting language to help an audience navigate successfully through your slides
  • Use relevant images for greater impact

Using these skills in the right way enables you to frame and tailor your message to specific audiences, and get your message across in a more compelling way.

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