The Graduate School's role is to provide a better experience for postgraduate students. It does this by arranging support and events, while providing a selection of tailored training programmes that will boost their professional skills.

It also gives students a voice in College matters, and provides them with a platform to share their work through public activities and outreach.

Master's students will face a number of challenges, and will have many questions throughout the course of their studies. The School's professional skills development courses will offer assistance in many areas, from improving writing skills to planning out future career plans. Visit the website for more information about the Master’s courses that we deliver.

Some students may wish to progress to a PhD, and will be interested in exploring their options before making the leap.

If you are thinking of completing a PhD and want to explore the options before making a decision, why not start with the College's primer on Stepping up: Master's to PhD?

PhD students will also have the opportunity to access resources and events which will boost their research skills, improve personal abilities, and shine a light on a range of career opportunities. Visit the website for more information on training courses that will equip you with the skills to succeed.