Academic Representatives are students who take a bit of their time each week (about one hour) to volunteer to represent their fellow students, for example communicating feedback to course staff and attending Staff-Student Committees.

Reps are volunteers with Imperial College Union’s Academic Representation Network, and you can become a Rep for your course by running for elections each October.

Being a Rep is a recognised way for you to help your fellow students, develop/enhance your ‘soft skills’, and meet new people. Many Master’s students take on the mantle of a Rep position each year – and they can have a great impact. Here’s just a few examples of what Master’s Reps have done in 2016:

  • Master’s Reps in the Department of Bioengineering have helped to revise the MRes syllabus so that it's clearer for all students to understand
  • Master’s Reps in the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering helped solve a major timetabling clash, making sure students in their Department could take the courses that they wanted to take
  • Master’s Reps in the Department of Chemistry have clarified coursework criteria with course directors, resulting in clearer instructions being given to students
  • Master’s Reps for the Executive MBA in the Business School are helping to make continuous improvements to the programme, including organising a special feedback forum for students to raise concerns

Other ways to get involved

There are many other ways to play an active role in the student community, or to represent Imperial College in various situations. They include: