There are certain things you can do before you arrive to help support your studies.

We recommend you refer to the information below to plan effectively before you join your course.

Your Course

Programme Information

If they have not already been in touch, it is a good idea to get in contact with the programme administrator before you arrive, you can find their contact details on the programme webpage. Your department will have a programme handbook which is a great place to find out more about what is in store for you, and who will be available to field any questions you might have when you start.

Key Contacts

Make sure you know the key people for your programme, including the course organiser and the programme administrator. The programme team and their roles should be clearly described in the programme handbook.

Programme Induction

You should be provided with information and instructions about how and when to arrive for the start of your course. An induction week typically takes place before learning starts, and is a handy opportunity to meet your programme team, tour the campus, introduce yourself to other students, and obtain useful information about your programme.

Your Development

Summer Schools

If coming to Imperial will be the first time you’ve studied at an English-medium academic institution, you might want to upgrade your academic communication skills before you begin. Imperial’s Centre for Academic English runs a 3-week, full-time course in September to help you prepare for your first term. The intensive course gives you practice in, and feedback on, many aspects of academic communication, including report writing and giving presentations. Taking the course also means that you will become an Imperial student earlier than your peers, giving you time to orient yourself to College life before the busy start of term.