• The ambition for the CCS Forum series is to curate a highly interactive meeting of CCS thought leaders.
  • The aim is to have these CCS thought leaders challenge ideas and drive innovative thinking, which will help provide significant advancements and move the field forward. To accelerate development and deployment of CCS, the forum will identify key priorities for CCS from a technical, economic, political and commercial perspectives.
  • Participation is invitation only from the organising committee.
  • Contributions are "off-record" to encourage free discussion and often sharing of unpublished research, i.e., Chatham House Rule.
  • Delegates are expected to attend the full conference, participate in the activities and discussion and contribute to delivering the outputs of the CCS Forum as required.
  • The aim is to deliver an output to disseminate the key messages of the discussions following each CCS Forum, e.g. research articles for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, open-access report, webinars, and conference presentations.

Forum organising committee structure and responsibilities

  • Responsible for the organisation of the conference. This includes selecting the conference location, finances (e.g., raising funds and audit requirements), organising the program, selecting and inviting speakers, logistics etc.
  • Appoint members for the advisory board (optional) and conference secretariat.
  • Develop and manage the website and any social-media applications.

Advisory board and conference secretariat

The organising committee may choose to form an advisory board and conference secretariat to assist in the organisation of the meeting.

The role of the advisory board

  • A collection of individuals who bring unique knowledge and skills that complement the knowledge and skills of the formal organising committee.
  • Do not have formal authority to govern, i.e., cannot issue directives which must be followed.
  • Make recommendations and/or provide key information and materials to the organising committee.
  • Have an important public relations role and will provide a fresh perspective on how to design a well-balanced, high-quality program for the CCS Forum.

The role of the conference secretariat

  • Attend all sessions and take comprehensive minutes/notes, which will be used to develop the outputs of the meeting (e.g., report, research paper).
  • Facilitate the process of acquiring feedback from all delegates on the notes/minutes of the meeting.
  • For each day of the conference, the secretariat will need to develop a coherent record of each day and deliver presentations summarising key messages.
  • The notes combined with the feedback from other delegates will be used to develop the CCS Forum outputs.
  • Some members of the Secretariat may be asked to contribute to the outputs.

Forum meetings format

  • A core aim of this series is to curate a community of experts, and encourage international collaboration. Distinct to a typical conference with speakers and an audience, the CCS Forum aims to open the floor to everyone is a speaker, and everyone is part of the audience.
  • Whilst we will request specific delegates to contribute to individual sessions with a short talk, every delegate is actively invited to contribute to sessions by presentation of individual slides.
  • Time will be available in the program to encourage unstructured discussion and networking between CCS Forum delegates.